Feb 11, 2016

Living room changes+ wishlist

Hey, I am going to stay true to the beginning, hence the decor post. I am going to talk about my living room, about the changes that have been made since I last told you about it here. I don't really have a lot of pictures, but you'll get the whole idea with the pictures I have in my phone.
I have made a few changes, the vintage bar cart being the first one, I think. I had some space that needed something, on the right of the sectional, right in front of the window. I have always wanted a bar cart, so, when I finally found one, I was happy as a child.

This is pretty much the display I have going on now,
 except for the plant, which is near the bench.

Another change that I don't remember telling you about are the curtains, which are white sheers and dark green solids, I found that I like the absence of warmth the blush ones used to bring, so I chose these white sheers that bring much more light in. From the beginning I wanted greens solids, so, I finally went for it!
I changed the Berber-style rug with the cheaper Ikea one, just because I had to make some changes upstairs, my two daughters wanted not to share their room any longer, so the eldest left the pink room and took possession of the guest room (I have no guest room, now!!). Long story short, the rug from the living room had to go upstairs, and I chose the cheaper Ikea one.

Old look....

...new look...

Graphic much??

So, these are the changes I've made so far! I still have to find something for above the bench... I have always thought an art wall or a mirror are best! I am leaning towards a mirror, just because husband is reluctant in making holes in the walls!

Please, ignore the doll party under the bench...

I have other plans, too, for this room, like changing the coffee table, which really needs to be done... I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint, added gold leaf, but now it is gone...my girls literally peeled it off....

....past............................................................ and present...

I am dreaming of a gold metal and white marble coffee table, a large square one, one meter sides...

What dou you think of my plans? Any thoughts?
Last three images here.


Feb 9, 2016

Fashion: culottes- fusta pantalon 2016

After more than 2 years hiatus I am back and I don't think I am going to talk about decor. Yup. My best friend form childhood told me when I stared this blog that I would be writing about interior decorating stuff for as long as I have my new house to decorate, but I didn't believe her!! I guess she showed me, as I did exactly what she said!! She'd be happy to know she was right!
Fashion, hair and nails is what's on my mind now, and I am going to start with wide-leg trousers and culottes. Yup. The name is kind of weird, but in my language it is basically thanslated as a trouser-skirt. It was in when my mother was young, and I used to really hate this item, but now I simply love it!


                                 Madalina Ghenea in Cannes 2015, wearring a 
                               traditioanl Romanian blouse, called "ie"


                                                              I love this simple, classical, all-black look..

V. B. is stunning here, wearing a striped outfit..

This one I really like, with the oversized coat and the ankle boots,
 it's so carefree and elegant..

Tall women can wear culottes with flats, as well..

Of course, the higher the heel, the better!:))

A Parisian combo:silk and soft knit..

Sporty chic!

...and here I fool around in front of the mirror with my own granny-culottes!!

Hope you found it interesting, have a nice week!!

Photos here.