Dec 27, 2012

Thursday House@heart Tour

Yo-yo-ho-ho, darlings!!
In a merry spirit right now, so excuse the ho-s!!:)) Today I talk to you about my plans for the kitchen. These are the only pictures I have of the kitchen and, as always, they are sooo dark!! The reason is that I always go there in the evening, and as it is winter, it's always dark!! Plus, we don't have a powerful light in the kitchen, because we don't live there yet...
Our kitchen is rather large, it's 5 by 6 metres, so I'm preety excited because at my apartment now the space is three times smaller:)) We have a lot of door spaces, one on each wall, so it's a challenge to create the best layout possible.  When you enter the kitchen from the entry hall the door space is 90 cm and I plan to have a glass door. Straight ahead when you enter you see this door that leads you outside:

The picture above shows the double glass sliding doors that lead you on the terrace.

We have the same glass sliding doors in the living room, and the space between the living room and the kitchen is going to be divided with interior glass doors (sliding, again!!)

These two doors are very close to each other, the one on the left is that leading you outside and the one on the right leads you into the pantry room.

A view into the pantry room.

This is the view into the living room, seen from the kitchen.

The two pictures above show a close up of the tiles, they look rather cream in the pictures, but in real life they are white-ish!
Ok, so this is my kitchen all naked:). Let me now show you how I plan to dress it up!
Almost two years ago when I thought I'd sell my apartment really soon, I contacted Tia Colors and discussed the layout for the kitchen. I settled on  this:

This above would be the view from the living room.

Then I thought of adding a bar, I still think I'll have one, only much simpler, with the side wall the same material as the countertop, something like this:

I wouldn't want it so thick, though, and the edges should be straight, not rounded. Also the shape isn't exactly as I'd want, but I think you get the idea. Oh, and the colour is going to be black, as the countertop. This are the colours I think I'll choose for the kitchen:

So, I'll go with glossy white lower cabinets, a black countertop and bar and the upper cabinets are going to be an imitation of wood like in these photos from Tia Colors, but only the lower upper cabinets, as the very top cabinets are going to be also glossy white (complicated, right?!) This photo will explain more:

The lower upper cabinets will be wood-like and those above them will be glossy white. Oh, and the fridge and oven unit will be all-black. Glossy black!!
The table will initially be the one we already own, glass top, thick edgy legs covered in leather that I plan either to change the leather or to cover in Mdf. Still to make up my mind. The chairs will be two host chairs (details here)
This is my kitchen, darlings, any thoughts on it?!


  1. Ozana. With all the doors already in your house, why do you want to add another set to close the kitchen off from the living room? Are you not concerned that you are going to visually close everything in. I know I would.

  2. Interesting. Dawna.. I talked about this in a previous post, the one on the living room, I think. I also love open spaces, but in my apartment now I have no doors to the kitchen and my husband complains about the smell of food. It doesn't bother me so much, he seems to be bothered more..Would a good hood be enough? I'd love to have open spaces, but because of the smell of food (and I cook for the children and hubby) I'd choose glass sliding doors, with the possibility to slide them completely along the wall... They are sooo expensive, though!:)
    And you're sooo right, we do have a gazillion doors!!:)
    Your advice is to let the space open without a door?


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