Jan 25, 2013

Thursday House@heart Tour

Hi, you all!!
Silly me, I didn' t even notice that yesterday was Thursday so I didn't continue the tour... Sorry!! As I told you in this post, time goes too fast in my life, a week goes by in a wink!!
So this Friday, we have the Thursday tour!! Better late than never!! Or so I say:))
I was telling you last Thursday, when I wrote about storage under the stairs here, that we did some work on the stairs and that I was so excited about how they looked!! Here are the before photos:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oau!! Trebuie sa fiu foarte ocupata daca am uitat complet ca ieri a fost joi!! Asa ca nu am mai postat despre casa, asa cum am promis ca voi face in fiecare joi... Scuze!! Dar mai bine mai tarziu decat niciodata, nu??
Va spuneam joia trecuta, cand am scris despre depozitare inteligenta sub scari, ca am imbunatatit scarile. Si ce puteam sa le facem decat sa le acoperim cu lemn?!:) Imi place rezultatul, chiar daca sunt negre si da, stiu, se va vedea praful....nu-i bai!!! Si imi place ca nu aluneca, desi ne temeam de asta, de aceea nu le vom acoperi partial cu mocheta, cum era posibil!!
Iata cum aratau scarile inainte:

And here are the stairs with wood on them, prepare for a lot of photos of the same place!:))
Iata cum arata scarile acum, cu lemnul pus pe trepte (atentie, urmeaza o gramada de poze:))

I am just so glad to have finally covered the cement on the stairs, all that dust was driving me mad!!
Ma bucur ca am reusit sa le acoperim, ma ingrozea cat praf iesea de pe cimentul acela!!

Mr. HH wants to add trim... I don't know if I want it!!
And by trim I mean a 9 cm high trim only for the wall part, on the right in this picture, stained as the wood on the stairs, and only along the wood.
Sotul zice ca vom adauga plinta pe treapa. Tot de lemn, tot cu bait si lac.
Acum, uitandu-ma la poze, imi place si fara!

Mr. HH insisted we put screws in the stairs, as they are supposed to make the stairs stay in place forever... He might be right, now I only have to buy a wood filler and mix it with some stain to fill in the holes made by the screws!
Sotul a insistat sa batem cuie in scari pentru a sta fixe forever, de aceea trebuie sa acoperim gaurile cu aceeasi culoare ca scarile. Voi cumpara Kit pentru lemn si voi rezolva problema inestetica!:)

This week we should be able to install the handle too..
Saptamana ce vine poate instalam si mana curenta...

Peep my Uggs!:)
Iata cizmele mele la usa!!

That is not a rug there, it's some padding from the headboard project!:)
La intrare nu am pus covor, e doar niste pasla ramasa de la tablia fetelor!

So, do you dig my new stairs??
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Deci, va plac scarile mele?



  1. I love how it turned out,it has a really clean finish!U were right about the black and white combination.

  2. Tu escalera es muy bonita y pienso que te quedaría muy bien la idea de poner cajoneras de almacenaje debajo de esta
    Muchos cariños


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