Feb 27, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint coffee table- Graphite and Dark wax

Howdy, sweties!!

What to post, what to post?!! Big dilemma!! I know I should keep the three posts I've already written and not publish them yet, as the photos I've taken are bare, unstyled and.... well not so glam, but... I think patience is not my friend, so I'll show it to you guys just as they are!! Blogging reality, I call it!!:))

Yes, yes, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint frenzy strikes again, hope you're not bored!!

I already painted the girls' chairs here:

...  my phone case here:

...... and the mirror here:

Next, I'll show you the coffee table I painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite. Actually, it was the first thing I painted using ASCP, that very evening I received it, I smudged a small square on the table, just to feel its texture. It was then that I fell in love, it smells so nice, it speads like a creamy ...cream :)) (not a lot of words this morning for me!:)) and, most importantly, it doesn't need sanding!!

Here it is, with a small smudge on that leg of hers...
She waited patiently for the next morning to get a full coat:))

That particle board leaning on the wall got transformed into my black diamond tufted headboard with diamond studs here!!

Back to the coffee table, here she is all shiny, but that's 
no problem for ASCP cause it sticks on it like a stamp!!

After one coat of Graphite....

After two coats...

Here she has already received a coat of  dark wax, and she looks so grateful for it...

The top is painted here, but my light in the kitchen is... well awful!!


.....more pictures:

At the end I spent like 2 hours applying gold leaf!!
But... it was worth it!!

She's already at the house waiting....

I am sure that it would look way better all styled up, preetied up with some fresh flowers, maybe an antler, cause I got lots of those!!! a silvery tray, some books, well you imagine it, 'cause I ain't got the time for it yet!!:)))
Let me just say that for this small coffee table I only used a sample pot, that it 100 ml paint. And I still have some on the bottom of the pot, so that's good!! Go Annie!!:))

That's all from this end!! Over and out!!


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  1. Your coffee table almost makes me want have a cup. And I never drink!:)

  2. :))) We can make it a cup of tea, then?? On me, after I'm all settled in!!

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