Mar 14, 2013

Art in the kitchen

This Thursday I feel like talking about art.
It all started a few days ago when I had a moment a revelation: I need to ask mom to give me a painting she's had forever. She's had these two paintings: one of a basked with red poppies, and one with some angels, a dark tree in the back, blue tones... 
When I got my own place she gave me the poppies, I liked them.. Then I discovered I'm not a fan of the red, but left it on the wall, as I was busy having babies and raising them:)) Until a few days ago when I had an epiphany: my mom's painting, the one with the angels, dark green tree in the back, wooden frame, plus another smaller painting made in blue pen, a watery landscape, both leaning on my open shelf in the kitchen!! I was smitten!! I was all: yes, yes, it's gonna look awesome, who can I tell about my discovery?? Hubby?? No, it's not a big deal to him! Mom? Yeah, I did, but didn't get the response I wanted, so I started searching for kitchens with oil paintings in decor, I wanted to find white luminous kitchens, but did't find many that made my heart go still, so  I included any type of art... 

This decor I love. I don't like the man in the painting, but I like how it fits in the kitchen.

All white and colourful art, yes, please!!

I like the contrast of harsh steel and the old feel of the painting.

This painting goes here so well..

I love the gold frame on the dark brown wall...


A horse in the kitchen?? Ok!!

Big art.

I love black walls, and that modern painting fits perfectly!

Breakfast with the zebra tastes better!!

This is the feel I'm going for: luminous kitchen with dark painting.

Pop feel here...

I think it wouldn't look this great without that painting there....


See how that plant blends into the painting?

Loving the two paintings above!

Old paintings bring such a fabulous feel to the interior!

Tell me you don't like it!!

I love how the paintings are hidden among the bowls and plates!

The wooden frames look awesome in this stainless steel surrounding...

L O V E E E E E !!!!

Again, L O V E !!

Hidden small paintings on open shelving.

Loving the golden frame.

I like art in the kitchen. Especially old oil paintings in white luminous kitchens. Maybe beacuse I plan to do this, but I think that contrasts work well. Thus, in a dark kitchen, a pastel or white accent looks best, just like a dark piece of art fits perfectly in a white decor. In my opinion, anyway!:)
My kitchen will have art, even if it will be a challenge to keep clean, but a good hood above the range and  good ventilation will help me achieve this look. I think I will also incorporate some antlers (yeyyy!!!) and some wood. I think it will look good with my sleek glossy white kitchen cabinets....

Planning a decor involves so many things, starting with the overall look, accents throughout the space, lighting, colours, layout, it is hard and challenging for me, but I hope I'll manage. It takes time, patience and vision, but I love plannig things and all I can do is try not to lose my aesthetic.

What do you think? Would you use art (maybe oil paintings) in the kitchen, or do you consider it impractical? Do share!!


All images from Houzz and Pinterest.


  1. Picturile in ulei merg, dupa parearea mea, cu un shabby chic sau rustic style. Sau cel putin asa mi-ar placea mie.:)

  2. Poate iti schimbi parerea cand vezi bucataria mea... sau poate nu! We'll see!:)
    Mersi pt comentariu!!

  3. I love art in the kitchen, makes it more homey I think, less of a stark work space. I have always had art in my kitchen, even leaning against my back splash on my counter(protected by glass of course!)so its a definite yes for me!!

  4. Imi place arta, in special pictura,chiar si in bucatarie. Imaginile postate sunt o incantare!

  5. Multumesc, Ioana, ma bucur ca ai ajuns aici!! Sper sa ti placa!!


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