Mar 6, 2013

Different lighting in the kitchen

Hi, again!!

Kitchen is on my mind... It is in progress, and even if I don't have it yet, it's in the making, and I think of it like a child being born in a month's time! Yeeey!!
Anyways, during this time I can plan and plan and imagine...
Let's talk kitchen lighting, shall we??
Take a look at the kitchen plans again:

See the bar on the left? Above, on the ceiling I need some lighting.
The second piece is in the middle of the kitchen, and the third is on the right, in a straight line with the second , 2,5 m away from it. So, there are three pieces of lighting needed in the kitchen.

Now, let's see all the fab inspirational photos I'm browsing these days:

That awesome piece over the bar is haunting me, i swear!!
I want it bad!!

The thing is I don't want to do matchy-matchy pieces, I want to choose different for the bar and two matching pieces for the other two places...
It's hard, though, choosing pieces that are different and that still match!
I could choose a pendant like in the image above, but hubby doesn't really like them...

Here there are flutes above the bar and a pendant above the table.
Nice, but not loving them.

What do you say? Do they go together?
I wouldn't do this for my kitchen...

I think these match better...

These are nice, I like how they blend...

This is something similar to what I want...
Though I have two different plans...

I think my husband would give a big no-no to this..:))

Again, that piece above the table!!
Really craving for it!!

And now, this is  PERFECTION  for me, people:

This is the fabulous kitchen of the fabulous designer Dawna Jones!!
I just love those lights above the perfect!!
Check out her site for more on her house and on her work!!
You'll definitely be inspired!!

So, I'd love me one of these for above the bar:

But it's way above budget, so I'll choose this one:

My dilemma is what to choose for those other two? I could go safe and choose two of these:


This I think works best...


Or... OMG!!! I'm dying to use these Faro Barcelona numbers:

But I'm stuck on what to use for the bar if I use these for the main lighting of the kitchen...
And really wanting crystals in the kitchen...
But do crystals go with these back pendants??

So, all you great minds out there, please, help!!

Here is the drawing of the ceiling plan:


Images 2-12 are on my Houzz account, ozana81.
Images 13-20 are from here.


  1. It would seem that you are going to need to get the hanging crystal light in the rectangular configuration. Your eye continually settles on this - trust it and move forward.

    The black lighting will look fine - try to keep the configuration of that lighting in odd numbers - either one or three. The 'eye' will continually search for center in an effort to subliminally achieve a sense of balance. As I do not have an understanding of the total space involved, the choice of how many lights to hang per area will be dependent upon this factor.

    If you are not satisfied with your current collection of black light choices - continue your search. There are plenty of lighting companies!

  2. Ok, so I just drew the ceiling plan for the lighitng pieces. Just updated the post! Maybe it's clearer now!!There's a beam (concrete, blending into the ceiling, all-whute) on the right side, parallel to the shorter side, creating a smaller rectangle.
    Thank you!!

  3. Ant hubby just said no on the black hanging lights, so...none such lights for me!!:((

  4. Thank you so much Ozana for the mention, your too sweet!

    I hear you on your dilemma. Normally over here we install pot lights in the ceiling of the main kitchen, and then set aside pendant lighting for over the island. You could just make the island the show stopper and go all out on the bling bling, and then choose some really nice track/directional lighting for the other 2 areas, making the main focus on your chandelier over the island.

    If not, then maybe you need to consider flush mount lighting for those 2 areas instead of something hanging. The problem is that you need a focal, and I think it should be the island, not the 2 others.

    Hope this helps.:)

  5. Sent you an email, hope you get it!

  6. Since your husband does not like the idea of using black lighting, you might consider choosing stainless lighting (which picks up the stainless/chrome on your favorite chandelier). If you are able to locate it, you can choose a light with a stainless exterior and a black interior (which will serve to eliminate glare). You would still enjoy a hint of black while creating a common thread to your chandelier.

  7. If you really have the desire to have hanging lights throughout the space, perhaps you can simply alter your approach somewhat. Consider using a light with a stainless/chrome exterior (which would serve to accent the stainless base of the crystal chandelier) and a black interior. The black interior will also add the lovely benefit of eliminating glare.

  8. Great choices Ozana. I think the black ones would have worked with the rectangular chandelier but if hubby doesn't like then what Studio One suggests above is a great option. I do like the third choice of your pendants, the one with the clear bowl (upside-down) and crystals inside. Can't wait to see all your decisions.


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