Mar 5, 2013

Ruffled pink and gold-bronze pillows

Hi, darlings!!

It really seems spring has come, don't cha say?!!  The sun is shining, not warming us enough, though, but that's ok, it's not time yet!!

Inspired by spring and colour, I went to the third floor, to my seemstress, and asked her to put my dreams into reality. Take a look at my dreams:

Weak in my knees...

Ruffle mania!!

Samby Pupic just had to cuddle in...:)

Initially, the plan was to create fun pillows for the girls and for my bedroom, also. That was the plan: first- the girls, then- me!! But now, oh my!!! Bad, bad mother!! I can't part with them!! Ok, so the one with the heart will be joined by another one with a heart and they'll go in the girls' bedroom, but that is the best I can do!!

I am simply and utterly in love with the two with the gold-bronze ruffles!! Just look at them:

I could stare at them all day long... I'm gonna soak up energy from these ones every day!!

Enjoy spring!!


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