May 14, 2013

Bookcase class

Hi, there!!
Is life treating you good these days?? I hope so, cause everyone deserves some "good" time, don't you think?! Let's talk books, shall we?? Ever since I styled up my small bookcase in the living room and turned three books gold, I have been searching for some preety bookcase stylings, and the images I found really look great.

For me, this is gorgeous: I love the wooden bookcase, the white books and accesories, and you gotta love the mix of animal prints and the ghost chair, right?!

I seem to love baskets lately...

Love this Mediterranean vibe, with all the blues and greens...

Preety and simple...

Just wow!!

I like the letter on the shelf and the mix of gold and white...

Perfect splash of colour in a neutral space.

I will always love really old books!!

Gorgeously vintage paintings on the bookcase=  love in my book!!:)

Grey and purples...

Casual styling!!

My living room is not yet ready, but the moment I arranged the books on the shelves, the room was brought to life and got a personality of its own. Books take us high,, inspire and form us, and a space with books is a sanctuary where you can dream and enter a different world. Do you like books? Do share!!


All images are from this Pinterest board.


  1. Loved the pictures, but I loved the last part more.:)said a bookworm.

  2. Beautiful inspiration, I love books as well and need to be surrounded by them at all times, I think I read a novel every two days or so, just cannot get enough!

    1. I want to catch up on my reading soooo bad... so great that you read so much!!

  3. Ozana que buenas inspiraciones para colocar nuestros libros, justo yo estoy diseñando mi biblioteca


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