May 30, 2013


I have noticed many art displays that are not the usual "on wall" arrangement. Leaning art is something I personally love because it lets you layer art to your own liking. You can mix traditional oil paintings, personal photos or abstract art. You can stack them on the floor or on a shelf, they will look great!! You can lean more than just art, you can use mirrors or other big pieces, but always check what the mirror reflects, it should be something beautiful!!
Smaller artwork should be layered with two or three items for the best look, putting the tallest items in the back; also, try to overlap each piece a bit on the one behind it. Books or other small accessories can be placed in front of a bigger piece to add dimension.
Here is how I did it:

The smaller photos are in the front, slightly overlapping the bigger pieces in the back. I used vertical and horizontal stacks of books, I find it more visually appealing.The antler and other smaller accessories are the last layer, here I have three layers: the paintings in the back, the personal photos and the last one consists of the accessories: antlers and bowls. Also, fresh flowers are a must for me, and they smell great!!
Here's how others did it:

Awesome painting and wall colour!!

Love all the organics here!!

Of course I adore this black and white space....

On the hallway?? Gorgeous!!

So, would you try this leaning art trend? Or have you, already?? Do share!!


All images, except the first, are from this Pinterest board.

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