Jun 3, 2013

Diy jewlery box

Heya, dolls!!
How was your weekend?? Mine was preety laid back, we didn't do much, as hubby was feeling under the weather... Quick question to you: what is worse than a toothache?? A husband having a toothache, I might say... Omg, men are such babies when it comes to pain!!:)))
Back to small projects!! Look what I did yestaerday, having nothing else to do! I adorned a box and I plan to keep it on my nightstand as it makes me happy with all those colours and texture!!

It all started with ths ugly aftershave box hubby had, it was cobalt blue and I decided to spray paint it gold, I thought it would look better.. it did, but then again, not so much... I didn't need that writing to show off, so I decided to look through my goodie bag. What's that?? Well, it's a bag with old pieces of jewlery, broken or not, bracelets and broaches and other stuff I ordered last summer when I decided to make my own jewlery!!

Well, it is as simple as breathing, you only need glue, I had wood glue, but it worked fine, the box and a lot of coloured pieces you can glue to the box. I cut off the pins on the broaches, and began constructing the pattern I wanted. I glued stuff on as I went, trying to make it look good colour-wise and size-wise! The most important factor were the girls, though, who had their own vision of how the box should look!!:))

As I glued on, there remained some small spaces I couldn't cover with anything, as they were really narrow, so I just poured some glue and sprinkled some small beads over the glue!! Problem solved!

I am going to look at this box every morning and I'm going to love it!! I mean, what's not to love?? Flowers? Colours? Pearls? Ladybird? Gold? Vintage broach?? All check!!! All this makes a very preety lady over here!!
Have a great week, friends!!



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