Jul 10, 2013

Simply gorgeous

Thank you all for the kind comments on Calling it home!! I really appreciate it and it kinda made my day yesterday, so glad you liked my headboard tutorial!! Woo-hoo!!:)

Today I want to show you some of the photos I keep on my computer as inspirational pictures. They are overall stunning or have interesting gorgeous details that make the space truly unique. Check them out:

Everything here is a stunner, but have you seen the rug??
What draws me to this space is the gold on grey combo!

Gorgeous artwork, anyone??

Interesting art+ funky rug+ wooden credenza= Ozana loves...

How simple and yet spectacular is this???

Beautiful art wall!

Romantic anyone? Yes, please!!

Now, that is me, be still, my heart!!

Inspired yet?? I know I am!!


Photos: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7


  1. Querida amiga realmente imágenes impresionantes , sobretodo la primera

  2. Love all your inspiration photos but that first gray and gold rug is AMAZING!!! I am drawn to cool/warm pairings and this fits the bill wonderfully! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. First photo is my favourite also!!:)


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