Oct 18, 2013

I'm on Powell Brower at home!!

Hey, friends!! Long time no see!! It's just...well, life!!
Today I am writing to share a happy moment: Nancy Powell, of Powell Brower at home, was kind enough to present to her readers some of the pieces I have on my walls. 

Well, readers of mine, you must find out that Nancy and her daughter, Bethany own their own interior design company and are indeed very talented and creative. How sweet is this, to be able to work together as a family and share the same passions?! Some images of my home have been featured on their site, as a part of a series that they call What's on your walls? 
It would be great if you'd take the time to go over to their site and show me some love!!:)
A huge thank you and warm hugs to Nancy!!
Have a great weekend loves!!



  1. You are so welcome! I love meeting new bloggers and supporting their blogs! I especially enjoy it when bloggers write each other and develop an ongoing conversation. I am enjoying your blog and your creativity....keep it up and happy decorating!
    Xo Nancy

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Nancy! xo

  2. Hola Ozana no conocía ese sitio de powelbrower y vi tu casa , que bonita esta , te felicito

  3. Congrats on being featured! Off to see what's on your walls :-)


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