Oct 10, 2013

Showstopper mirrors

A mirror in the room makes the space look bigger, more spacious and airy. As long as the mirror reflects something special or unique, then you're easily creating something good. Adding a mirror brings light to the interior, it makes it more elegant and vivacious. Let me show you some beautiful interiors sporting gorgeous mirrors:

See what I mean with the mirror reflecting a beautiful piece?

...can you see the dogs??

I love this simple floor mirror!!

...art stacked on the mirror... this is good!

...so elegant!

...classic lines!

What is your favourite interior? How have you used mirrors in your home? Do you like using mirrors? Do share!!



  1. Hola mi amiga yo ano los espejos que da luminosidad a cualquier estancia. Me gustan de todas formas , claro que sueño con un veneciano

  2. I love giant mirrors in interior shots. I need to get one for my foyer.


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