Nov 14, 2012

Antlers in my heart

Hi,you all!!

I told my hubby when I announced  I started writing on  my blog (because he looked at me like:wtf??) that I would tackle one matter he cares about : antlers. He looooves antlers..This may start some debating ,but you all must know that my husband is a hunter and he loves it!! His answer was:yeah,right..(please notice how excited he is about my new blog :)))
I think that antlers have always been integrated in home decor,and for me they were definitely something I grew with. They have been in my home for as long as I can remember and the reason that happened was because my father was a hunter as well. (see any pattern here?!). Now,going through that million of pictures over the internet,I have noticed them again. And they really caught my eye..started me thinking about my hometown and the home I grew in. I'm really really sorry that I don't have a picture from my mother's place in Caransebes,that would have been great!! We had the bedroom wall packed with antlers. My father arranged that wall in a very interesting way: he covered the wall in grass-green velvet, ornated it with thin stripes of wood and on that he put like 12-15 antlers,each having it's own wood-carved base. It was really great,I tell you!! In the middle there was the biggest antler I've seen since. I may have to do some digging and try to find a picture for you guys!!
The dining room had a chandelier made from antlers that my father had done in his youth.The room also had dark-green velvet curtains,wenge wood furniture, a big table with 6 upholstered  chairs and two upholstered armchairs with a coffee table. It seems like a lot of furniture but it looks really great!! It's a timeless decor that stands out even today. Way to go mom and dad!!
Ok,now that you understand why I love antlers,let's see some pictures of modern decor:

Dransfield & Ross in Elle Decor

House Beautiful

M. Elle Design

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Nazmiyal Design and Style

via Google

via Google

This is sooo me:white,black,modern and ...antlers:

via Google

This room makes me soo happy!!Loving the rugs,the pink,gold and that touch of green:

 All these images are soo inspiring!! I will definitely have antlers in my house!! My husband is going to be happy,as he asked I decorate a room hunter-style, and I said no....So this is a good compromise.
What do you think about painted antlers?! I think they are going to work in my house!! Maybe for the dressing or the bathroom..I'd paint it teal or turquiose or even pink or gold....Or do a chevron pattern on it...uuuuh I 'm so inspired!! My hubby won't like it in the beginning,but he'll see it after it's done!! Here is an example:


I'm really in love with antlers in home decor,and I can't wait to move to my new house,I'm going to rock it!!Stay tuned!!


  1. yeah, and I like told you from the very beginning that you should have antlers. because he loves them and because they look really nice. and painted... definitely. but not chevron, you should really get over this obsession. you're "chevroning" the entire house, or what?

  2. It's not me talking,it's the chevron madness!! But don't you worry,by the time we move they should have a pill to cure this chevron fever I've got:)). And I didn't chevron anything in the new house! Only one wall in the apartment!!:))

  3. Great topic!In my opinion, it is very important to have in your new home, that one element which remindes you of your childhood house! Even better, your husband shares the same passion your father did, so it's a win - win situation.

  4. Intersting blog and topic also .


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