Mar 19, 2013

Organic: Live Edge Wood

Happy Tuesday, sweeties!!
I was telling you here how I think a good desk area/office space should look like, in my opinion, and for my desk I plan to use a wooden top. That is the plan, at least! I hope to find a live edge one, that would be so awesome!! That got me thinking about how nice live edge wood looks in a modern space, and not only. It fits perfectly in any decor, I think, because it's organic feel. A live edge wood adds character and warmth, it helps ground the room and it brings the outdoors inside. I think that is a really good thing, connecting with the outside!
There are endless possibilities, you can use it in any space. Here are some inspiration photos I like:

...for an eclectic feel... a chandy....

How great is this??

Loving some live edge wood in a black decor......

.....or a white one....

White perfection, again...

It fits perfectly with the grey and the white, right?
Plus, I'm loving the wood slab with that stainless steel fixture!

Again, modern and harsh steel with that perfect wood..... gorgeous!!

Well-integrated wooden coffee table ...

It works great in any decor, even a busier one!!

It works great with natural stone, too!!

How ingenious is that??

I'd love to wash my hands here every day!!

Great shelf in Naomi's previous loft!!

Would love this wine rack in my white kitchen....

Lovely mirrors!!

P E R F E C T!!

Personally, I think that woods brings life to the space, its organic feel makes the room appear cozier and more welcoming. Even the glossiest of furniture or the most modern sleek interior can benefit from the live edge wood's warmth. Try it!! You won't be disappointed!!


Source of photos: Houzz and Pinterest


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