Mar 20, 2013

Lonny Mag: My Newfound Treasure

I know a lot of interior design bloggers have already been browsing through this magazine a while now, but for me it is a newfound treasure, for sure!! The interiors shown here are intreaguing, breathtaking sometimes and just awesome. For this post I chose to show you Kay O'Toole's home, a very inspiring place.

Gorgeous book case and bench....
Love the plant, too....

Gorgeous armoire in the bedroom.

Great blue painting in golden frame!

I'm starting to develop an obsession with busts..

Wonderful canopy bed+ white bedding= heaven!!

The living room is too gorgeous for words!!

I adore dark oil paintings in white decors...

I'd like a bust, but I'd love a statue!!

Yes, I truly love Lonny Magazine!!


Images: Lonny Magazine.


  1. Ozana que lindas todas esas imágenes . Con muebles blancos .. Como a mi me gusta

  2. Gracias, querida. Todas estas imagenes son de Lonny Magazine, una revista online. La descubri reciente y la amo!!


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