Mar 18, 2013

Office awesome

I've been missing, I know, I'm back now and ready for blogging!!
Although I am too tired to breathe, I want to show you some office spaces I love. In a home, not an office building, I'm looking for inspiration for my own desk area in the bedroom, which will hold my laptop and allow me to write work-related stuff, plus I plan to use it as a small make up station. 
If I'm lucky enough I'll finally have hubby finish one of the projects I assigned him way back, the Greek-key legs desk/console thing!!:)
Here's  what I think a desk area needs to look nice:

Some fur, either on the chair or on the floor, like in the next two photos: interesting chair, tufted maybe:

... a beautiful patterned chair:

...or a ghost chair:

...some old wood is always good:

...a luminous space is needed:

...some  beautiful display on the desk is a must:

You know I love transparency:

Or white:

Colorful rug? Yes, of course!!

For my desk area, I'll have a wallpaper, a silver and pink tufted chair, the desk with the Greek-key legs, with a wooden top (hope to find it), plus the styling for the wall (art, frames or mirror, maybe a small antler, I'll have to see then) and the vignette for the desk. Some fur thrown in won't hurt, right?!

What is your favourite style for the desk area/office? Do share!!


All images Houzz and Pinterest.


  1. Hola amiga estoy de vuelta. Muy largas las vacaciones!! me encantan tus propuestas de oficina
    muchos cariƱos

    1. Welcome back, Angelica!!
      Gracias por tu comentario!

  2. Anyone of those spaces would have me inspired! I will take the second one though. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  3. Love the black and white spaces of course!!!

  4. The b&w spaces speak directly to my aesthetic too!!


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