Apr 11, 2013

100 posts for this blog!! +small updates

Yeyyy!! It is post number 100 for House@heart!! How cool would have it been to show you my entire house tour in post 100?? Cool, I know... but that won't happen for a while now, so, we'll work with what we've got, right?
That being said, have you noticed I modified the size of the blog? It lets me post bigger pictures, so it's all good... Bigger is always better, right?!
I've got a few things to show you, like a small update in the girls room, some pillows are in za houzzz, cute, right?!

Do you like my headboard? It was the first one I made!! Check out the tutorial here, if you're interested!!

We bought a new TV for our room, yes, we want a TV in there...Our reaction was: isn't it too small?? We'll see how it goes, maybe we'll buy a bigger one and move this to another room.

If I'm lucky enough, hubby is buyng this rug as we speak....

You know, I'm really loving this Malm dresser we bought for our bedroom.. I just might let it shine like this for a while.. although I have a secret plan involving brass lion pulls...shhhh...don't tell hubby...it's a secret....

This was my breakfast.... don't do as I do!! I'm a bad, bad girl!!

They say that spring is here, say what???

Turns out post number 100  is more personal...hmm...



  1. Ozzana me encanta como avanzas en el dormitorio de tu hija, esos cojines combinan perfecto con ese lindo respaldo

    1. Gracias, Angelica. El dormitorio de la ninas es el mas completo!!

  2. Ozana, I love the floor in your bedroom, great choice! Love seeing all the updates:)

    1. Thanks, Myrna, I chose the same floors in the entire house, except for bathrooms and kitchen. I wanted something grey, of course!!

  3. Oh yes yes do the brass lion pulls!!

    Ali of


    1. Dear Ali, you know when you just think of something, it's ok, you plan on doing it, and there's no rush, but when you say it outloud, you become obssessed?? I'm feeling like this with the lion pulls!!:)))


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