Apr 16, 2013

Kitchen sneak peek!!

Yes, I have moved to the new house!!!! Yeyyy!!! But, I've got no internet connection yet, so I give you something I wrote a while ago: Almost a week ago I tried to talk about something else but my moving, shared with you some beautiful garden designs, but somehow ended up showing you guys pictures I took at the house!!:) So, today I am not going to pretend to be thinking about something else, so I'll keep it short and sweet with a small kitchen update:

Well, I love my kitchen countertop, as it is shiny black with sparkle in it!! And in the light there's a beautiful sparkle in the tiles, too, so it's a sparkly happy kitchen!!:)) I like that I have a tall faucet which will allow me to have a lot of space for big pots/plates!!

Hope I will have internet connection tomorrow for a true post. I'll show you the kitchen, or the stairs units, or my bedroom, or my bathroom, which one would you like to see?? Do share!!! xoxo, Ozana


  1. Ozana que locura estar de mudanza, me gusta mucho ese grifo alto en tu cocina yo tengo uno bien parecido

    1. Una verdadera locura, Angelica!! Pienso que en una semana estamos con todo en orden!!


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