Apr 15, 2014

Fun rugs for spring

Spring has always been the time to change things up, either in your home or in your personal style, and for me this day has been the day!! I have just completed some changes in the living room and I couldn't be happier!! It was just getting back to the original plan, and it just proves that I should have followed my gut and just do it from the beginning!! A year later, and I've done it!! More on that in the following post!
Today: rugs!! Happy, colourful, vibrant rugs!! Rug Vista is the name of the site where I bought my living room Berber-style shaggy rug, and I couldn't be happier!! Because I am dreaming about a rug for the room I have yet to decorate, the former garage, I surfed the Rug Vista page and found these gorgeous rugs:

Tell me these rugs don't make you smile!!:)



  1. They're all so beautiful. I love the colors in each one.

  2. Me gustan todas amiga querida , pero el colorido y estampa de lla Davina me mato!,,


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