Aug 25, 2014

Front door styling for summer

It has been almost three months since I wrote on my blog and all I can say in my defense is that it was not intentional... I started this blog around the time I was getting ready to move into our new home, and, as I had a million plans and ideas, I always had something to say. Then..... life started happening, and ... I had a three-months break:) I loved it, but now I crave for your companionship, so... here's me with my hand out waving to you guys... hope you're still here!:)
I got pretty much all the interior done, but the exterior lacked a little TLC. Summer was full, and we didn't get much done, just a few things.. among them, the front door. I haven't got the greenest thumb, but I managed to take care of some colourful  flowers. Yaay me!!

I really love this doormat, but my dog already tore it, you can see that line on the left...

I would have loved to own two beautiful urns for the front of the house, 
but for now I will settle for these two carved stumps my hubs brought home;
 I chose chrysanthemums for them, as they are autumn flowers and will last a while.
 In the beginning of the summer I had these:

They are some kind of begonias, I think. Look how much they grew:

...I hung them from our balcony, can you believe the flowers they have now???

We chose granite for the entry, and it turned out to be very high maintenance,
 it stains and it is pretty hard to clean... oh, well, at least it looks good!:)

My  bunny carrier flowers!:)

I made this rope plant hanger to lower the pot so that I could water it:)

We also set up a vegetable garden, there on the right, and now we have our own vegetables:


So, what have you all been up to this summer? Do share!



  1. Hi Ozana. Welcome back! It's always good to take a break. I haven't been posting much these past few months, life and summer got in the way. It certainly looks like you have a green thumb with all those beautiful flowers and vegetables. Your view is beautiful! And I love your entry!

  2. Hola Ozana querida ! Que bueno que hayas regresado , ya te echaba de menos , que lindo ese pisa pies que dice mi casa ,, y bellas plantas , que tenga un óptimo miércoles


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