Oct 7, 2014


Hello, I am starting this post on a whim, because I have just open my blogger and I felt I had to write, it has been too long! The girls and I have started school, so it has been a busy time for us, but that is no excuse, so... here I am, ready to talk to you.
There have been a few additions to my place and I want to share them with you. I have already shown them on Instagram, so if you are a follower, you've already seen them, if not, you should!:)

Here is a shot of my living room, I love the way the plants look inside, 
I brought them from the yard, cause it's getting colder and colder...

The wall above the bench (you can see the tutorial of this diy bench here)  is waiting for two Chinese prints I just ordered...

... I am getting excited about how this place will look... I am going to order three woven baskets for under the bench, from Ikea, I think... Also, I finally got my hands on those two Moroccan stools I ordered a while back, I wanted to repaint them, but I am loving them as they are for now.. suggestions? Here is one as a plant stand:

Remember my plans for the family room? Nothing new on that front, except for the chandeliers, I finally got them up, well, hubs did:)

...the family room was initially the garage, but we changed it , 
so we had to install two chandeliers instead of one, this was the plan for the garage... 
I am not complaining!:))

This is all for today, I am going to start slow, so leave a comment so that I know I am not alone here!:)


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