Nov 13, 2012

Chevron wall with a twist

Hello darlings!!

Today we talk trends: the chevron madness!! We can find it everywhere,whether it is in fashion, home decor or  house design. Wherever we turn our head (on the internet) we see rugs,curtains,small objects for decorating our home,mirrors or even coffee cups.I tell you ,it's everywhere:

I like this new trend a lot. I like it because it is symmetric, it is easy to do,hell,if you like to measure ,to use a pencil or tape and you have a little bit of patience,you're the man (or woman) for the job!That is what I thought when I finally got a spare moment to take a closer look at the walls in my apartment:disaster has struck,in the form of two beautiful little girls who,for whatever reason ,thought they were Picasso!!Two years of painting with water colours,pencils or greasy little fingers have left their mark on my walls.So, I started painting the living room white,as it was and in the bedroom I wanted someting new.Some more colours..What other colour than pink for my little girls?!I ran it by my husband ,told him I was going to freshen up our walls and he was thrilled.Until I told him the plan for the bedroom..."What ? Chevron?!What's that?I think you should stick to just painting it the colour it already is!!"Sad..:)) He obviously doesn't trust my skills!!I showed him!!
After doing some research over the internet,I found it preety easy to do a chevron wall,but I wanted TO GO BIG!! Why do a chevron wall,when I can do a chevron wall with a side of .....wait for it....drums,please....OMBRE!!Yeah,a chevron-ombre wall was my thing for the walls in the bedroom!!Decision taken,I started prepping:tape,paint,colours (I chose a red and a brown-Savana I think I found at the store) and a very straight plastic thing( I don't know what it s called,someting for keeping the corners of the wall straight).I used a pencil (as the colours I wanted to use were already saturated so the pencil wouldn't see through it),I drew straight vertical lines 50 centimetres apart and then I started taping a ZIG-ZAG pattern.I found that the tape ripped my wall so I changed plans and used the pencil for the design.Preety easy,if you ask me.There are plenty of tutorials online so I won't bother you with all the steps!This is the final result:

What do you think??Like it?I had a lot of fun doing it and I want you guys to find the courage to to it yourselves!!Get inspired today!!


  1. Yeah, courage is all I lack. Skills on the other hand ... I possess. Looks nice your chevron. But then again you always had a thing for DIY...

  2. Remember I was painting this wall on your birthday?!:)))

  3. Yeah, right. Pfff, I feel so honored :)


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