Nov 12, 2012

Targets and the modern kitchen

Let's see...What are you to expect from visiting my blog? Well, my personal opinion in interior designing matters, decors in which I'd definitely like to live, designs I'd die to have. Maybe I'll inspire you to try some of my diy projects..
I've been stalking interior design blogs for a while now, just because me and my husband are currently (well,for almost 5 years now:)) building a house. In my country, Romania, trying to build a house is not such an easy project, especially nowadays. But I've had time to reaaaly drool over all the preety pictures on the internet,  I've also found the most amazing blogs that I follow and that made me dream about doing it: creating our family's personal space that suits us and that, of course we can afford.
On a positive note, as I am a positive-type of girl, I will let you in on a little secret: I think that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. In Romania, as the majority lives in an apartament, not a house, we don't usually have a dining room. We have a table, big or small, in the kitchen where the family eats or even sits down for coffee, tea, or just gossip:)). That's why I believe that the kitchen should  really set the tone for the whole house.
I loooove modern kitchens. I noticed that on American blogs kitchens tend to be classical.. .I like them, but for me I choose MODERN!!! I love lacqured MDF fronts, composite/ corian countertops, glass- like sleek designs!! That's my thing!!
If all goes well I will have a TIACOLORS KITCHEN!!! (when we finally move to the house we are trying to finish). I have already been "stalking" their site for a year now, when we thought we'd be able to move, but that didn't happen in the end. I also went to their showroom and found the best solution for my space in the kitchen and I was really impressed with how nice they were and they seemed to be really interested in finding the best ideas that I would like. They were really fast in answering my mails  (sometimes 6 or 7 mails a day-yeah,I'm obssessed!!). Here are a few of my favourite pictures ok kitchens that TIACOLORS designed:

What do you think?Are you also loving these kitchens? Do share!!


  1. E misto ca folosesc poze reale cu case mobilate de ei,pentru prezentare,si nu 3D-uri...

  2. da,exact de asta mi au placut si mie!!in rest multe firme de mobila se lauda cu aceleasi poze de pe internet!! iar calitatea e f buna,am fost la ei showroom!


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