Nov 21, 2012

Host chairs

Pheeewww!!! Finally a new day!! Hopefully a better one than yesterday...
Long story short, my phone collapsed, I tried to reset it, didn't save all my items properly and I lost all my contacts, my notes, my inspirational photos.. sad...and I almost *@#$%  up the photos on my blog. It took me 3 hours to solve it..
Enough with the sad!! Today I'm all good and thinking about decor ... again!! So, what dou you lovelies know about host chairs? They are chairs for the host, right?! I know I'm smart,aren't I?! All I know is that I want those in my kitchen. I have a large kitchen and I will have the space for a a large table with 6 chairs. The two at he end of each side will be upholstered. The other four I want them to be Ghost chairs. Those are transparent chairs that really both attract attention and let's you see through them. I looove them!

Here you have it in a bathroom, and even here you can see how beautiful it is!! There are Phillipe Starck's Louis Ghost chairs but they cost way too much so I will buy four of these ghost chairs that are not designer's creation, the idea is to have transparent chairs for the kitchen. All I have to do is to convince my husband... Anyway, I think that they are doable in the kitchen also and in a household with children because, as they are made of plastic basically, they are easily wiped clean if accidents happen, and they will happen!!:) Here are some inspirational photos:

Don't you just love how delicate these three are,they seem as if they are about to float..

Chris Everand Ghost Chair

via Flickr

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                                                                   Design Mom

So I have talked about ghost chairs for the kitchen, now it's time to see some host chairs. I am going to choose two upholstered chairs that I might be forced to slipcover or I might be lucky to find some chairs that are easily cleaned. I am sooo excited about this!! A while ago I found this playful piece online and I fell in love:

                                                                     Kare Design

Here is some inspiration:

A more living room armchair, but I like it! Dimples and Tangles

via Houzz

via Google



I would also do this black and white number in my kitchen, as long as I choose a very colorful or intricate-pattern  vintage credenza, so that I get both color and detail from it. Thus I'd be able to go dark again with the host chairs.. It's black, it's white, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!!:)))
You should really check Kare Design, they are truely great, they offer both ethnic and modern-glamour items! I like them a lot!! A bit pricey for us, though!! But for my house, I'd go all the way!!
What do you think of this host chair trend? Like?


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