Nov 25, 2012

Making an entrance

First impression counts. It may change after careful consideration, but it has some importance on how you, or, in this case, your home looks. I think that when you enter a house and you are welcomed by an interesting table or bench, console or hanger, wallpaper or paint you remain with that feeling and anticipation that you are entering a cozy/fashion/chic/country style decor.
The entrance of a house is a place that you see a lot each day. It is the last part of the house that you notice when you leave and the first thing that 'receives' you home. So I think it should be really careful decorated.
I'd love to be able to create a decor with an old console table, a black one, on which to throw the keys when entering the house... An upholstered bench or chair would be great. Two chairs on either side of the console table would be a dream.. But I personally won't have enough room for tho chairs...maybe you're lucky enough!!
Here are some of the photos that inspire me:

House Beautiful- antler themed-entrance, sooo like it

House Beautiful- continuing with the antler theme

House Beautiful- it seemes soo classy and cozy, those red lamps...

House Beautiful-such a simple, yet elegant entrance! I particulary love those aged chairs, the detais on those
 are amazing!!

Design Sponge -beautiful shabby chic!

Harmony and Home- the mirrors are interesting and the pillows match the wallpaper in a subtle way

Harmony and Home- the curvy lines of the chairs are found in that console table with the most thrilling marble top!!

   Archimom- Mirrored furniture- the bomb!

                                            Archimom - notice the owl under the console? Cute!

                                                                        Casa Sugar 

Naomi Stein- love the colors and the SYMMETRY

I have a thing with lucite... I like it, as I like any transparent thing! And don't you tell me that you have to wipe it a gazillion times a day in order to look good or that it scratches... I don't care!! I'm willing to make the effort!! That's how much I love it!!

Decorpad- black and white and lucite-definitely my crowd

via Google- looove the x mini benches , the lucite console and those grey tones..

                                                              The Decorista- mega like

                                                 Ariannabelle-clever and stylish storage idea



Private House Co -clean classic with a twist!

Hope you are inspired!! Can't wait to show you my own entrance!! Kisses, darlings!!


  1. Never thaught I'd think this way about entrances, but, subconciously, it really is all about the first impression.It's the first and last thing you see, when you visit someone, so, "that one piece" has to WOW you somehow...Personally i'd go with an upholstered bench, it's practical, cozy, it gives you a good vibe!

  2. A bench or a chair if there's not enough room. Either is good for helping you put your or your children's shoes on,right? In case you have children, that is!!


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