Nov 27, 2012

Metallics at heart

I have been working on a little project these days and I'm super excited!! It's not finished yet, but I will give you a sneak peak:

Working on this I started thinking on how we incorporate metallics in our interior decoration. When I was just a teeage girl I used to really love silver jewlery and I thought that gold was sooo 'old'. And old was not for me back then. Also I thought that mixing metallics was a big no-no! :)) Wearing gold and silver at once? Totally unacceptable!!:))
Well, things have changed both in fashion and home decor stylists are telling us that you should mix metallics!! As long as it is not too harsh on the eye they say it's a go!! I'm with them on this one! Why choose when you love them both? (yes, I changed my mind when I got my hands on my first gold ring...felt soo special!!)
Designers encourage us to mix different hues. And we should, as metals have a certains shine to them, a sheer that influence one another, they give texture and depth to the room they are placed in.
I particularly like mixing different metallic hues in the bathroom. At the house I have three bathrooms and my bathroom will have both gold and silver. I'd love a gold intricate mirror above the vanity which will have silver fixtures, the shower pannel will also have silver so I'm gonna follow modern advice. I think it adds class and personality. I just have to convice my husband!!:))

Hermitage by Oasis- pure luxury
Enough with the bathrooms, let's see some other rooms:

Jamie Laubhan Oliver-the sunburst mirror compliments the grey in the bed

Jamie Laubhan Oliver-nuts about sunburst mirrors, again paired with a dark grey chair

Jamie Laubhan Oliver-lovely metallic grey fireplace, while the gold striped mirror brigthens up the space

Metallic furniture is the bomb now. If you are daring enough you can use one of these pieces that scream personality (and many are not made of metallic, only the paint is metallic):

Pb Teen- for an industrial look

via Google- classy dresser

Ugly Duckling Transformations-stenciled metallic-like dresser

Refunk my junk- gorgeous DIY

Some things that we can buy from Romania ( I think I went a little overboard with Zara Home here:)))
Zara Home- great for keeping the room light and aired

Zara Home Gold Hacienda Rug

Zara Home- oh, oh, my!! This bad boy is going to be mine!! I swear!!

Zara Home- metallic shabby chic

Zara Home- a touch of vintage industrial

Zara Home- elegance and modernity

Zara Home- great aged look

I am waiting for your thoughts on this metallic fever in interior design! What do you say, yey or nay?!
Have a great week!!


  1. My thought is that your home will turn out quite expensive :) otherwise I like metallics, but I love wood and glass better

  2. @ anatati: well, I don't know if it's going to be expensive, but I'll do my best to make it personal. And if personal means a little bit more money than the average... I'll take the leap!! My house will incorporate many DIY projects, so I'll save on those!! I love glass and wood also, but I love metallics! Using one doesn't necessarily mean leaving the others out, though!!
    @ clara: thank you so much!!

  3. I like metallics!! is chic total

  4. Now this is going to be an interesting piece!Can't wait to see the final product!


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