Dec 10, 2012

Matcy- matchy?! Not!!

Hello, darlings!!
Hope your day is nice so far!! Let's talk furniture, again!! These days I started thinking about the bedroom and the furniture we use there.
The bedroom should be a cozy place that should embrace us after a long or difficult day, it should relax and calm us with its decor. So we should try to find those things that do that for us. In my bedroom I will use things that are dear to me and close to my heart, and, as I started my little DIY projects those will be the pieces of furniture I will use. On my husband's side I will use my own version of the Rast, as it seems more manly (the Rast, not the husband, though he also is manly:))

On my side of the bed I will use a stump, I'll find some stumps (my husband has this task, go into the woods and find them!! Well, that's not the case, he'll delegate) and, after they dry, I'll upgrade one and that beauty will be the first thing I see every morning!! Can't wait!!

Isn't this lovely?

This is my plan for the nightstands in my bedroom. My reason for using mismatching nightstands is that I love the things I create and I want them in my house. Another reason is that the space for the bed is uneven, I'll have more space on one side and less on the other.
There are some tricks in creating a unified space in the bedroom by using mismatching nightstands. One of them is to use similar lamps, thus creating a correlation between the two different pieces.

House Beautiful
Even though one of the nightstands is white and other brown, the lamps create similarities.

Here the lamps are used again, and on one side the larger side is used as a desk space

The lucite table on the right is a killer and although the other side holds a vintage piece, the room is very inviting.

I love this serene bedroom and the different nightstands add character.

Again, desk on one side and dresser on the other. The paintings are placed to create the same height for the two sides.

Again, desk and dresser with two lamps, get the idea?

And here are some nightstands that caught my eye:

What about your make up table on one side?

And this on the other? Black and white- my thing!!(both from Ikea)

Great for DIY upgrade (gold+trim+mirrored top=lovely nightstand)

Clean lines, modern

Another DIY idea (white+dipped gold legs)

               Zara Home- please do not forget this iron one I absolutely love..

And some eye candy at the end:

Etsy- I'd see it in a man's bedroom..

Etsy- the details on these are fantastic!

What do you think of using different nightstands for your bedroom? Is it your thing? Or would you feel more comfortable with a more symmetrical layout? Do share!!


  1. I like the look of two different night tables. Although the night tables in our bedroom are from the same set, they're different styles. Mine has an open shelf with a circle motif on the sides, hubby's is a more masculine chest of drawers.

    Love your idea to use your RAST hack for one table and the stump for the other :-) I also really like the iron table - that would look stunning with your zinc RAST. Have fun shopping & decorating!

  2. That iron table was my original choice... Then I discovered the stumps!!! I was mesmerized!!:)) Now I want stumps in the bedroom,in the bathroom, at the entrance, in the living room:))) I'll have to decide, though, I can't fill my house with stumps!!! We still haven't moved yet so I got plenty of time to change my mind a gazillion times...:))

  3. Love your idea to use rast!!! I like the look of two night table


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