Dec 12, 2012

Girly chair, gold dinosaurs and art

Hi, you all!!
I've been busy these days , trying to cross off the list one more item, because doing little things one at a time lets me think I'm a step closer to moving in our great house!!:)) I've had these two chairs I've been carrying  around with me since going to college in another city, then I took them to my mother in law's house soon after we got married and they stayed there because they are old and, well, kinda ugly. I've had them from my mother, they served their purpose and they were just lying there at the countryhouse. When my DIY frenzy started, I began envisionig them as preety. I decided to paint them white, throw some pink an use them for the girls' bedroom. As the bedroom is all white with pinkish accents, I think they will blend in nicely!
They were both in poor condition but with a little TLC I knew they'd look great. Today I'm showing you only one, as the other isn't finished yet. Here are the before photos:

 Well, it looked kind of sad, don't you think? It was like it came from a war!! Fear no longer, my friends, after a little TLC, it looks awsome, right? Here it is:

Here is my newest baby, in fact, here are my newest babies, as I've been busy like a bee!! I painted the chair white, hand painted all kinds of flowers, dots and swirls (is that even a word?) on it and it became a happy chair!! Behind it, you can see my chevron- ombre wall and a new chevron painting!! I'm obssessed, I know, but after we move to the house we won't have the chevron wall any longer, so I decided to make some pink art! I'm going to have that painting framed, a simple thin gold frame will do my painting justice. If you look closely to the right of the image you'll see my gold dinosaurs. Aren't they cute?!

Cleopatra seems happy with her new friends, don't you think?!

A close-up from my balcony, the painting studio :))

The legs...

Here I dry-brushed for a vintage look...

I sacrificed an old sheet to protect the floor..Here's a close-up of the legs..

I took the chair up to the house, to get used to the other pieces of furniture we've bought :) and here it is:

The other chair will be joining them soon.

We still need to buy the matress and the wood to support it.

Storage space- I wanted white and a bit classical, and for our uneven ceilings these were great.
The hardware will be painted gold.

A close-up of the headboard. It's waiting for a matching valence for the balcony door.

And our newest assembling job: Lack shelves that we'll be using as a bench and storage space.
It's waiting for colored cushions:) and for baskets.

The room is far from over, I will have to find a rug, a small chandy, my eldest daughter specifically asked for one. This is in the cards:

We also need some art, the first will be the chevron painting, then I'll have to do some other wall art which DO NOT include pink!:))
So, liking my newest DIY? Do share!!
xoxo, Ozana
P.S. Suggestions for the rug, please!!


  1. Love your ideea of using shelves as a bench!! I can almost imagine it with colored cushions. The chair looks awesome, and I had my doubts with the dinosaurs, but they turned out great!And how on earth did you do that painting?

  2. Yeah, I love the chair and the dinosaurs. I especially observed the vases with golden wheat, they're from your mother, right? She bought me a pair of two as a wedding gift; it is said that wheat is the wealth of a house or something.
    And I could like the painting also if not already fed up with your chevroning... (kidding :P).

  3. @anatati: be careful, wheat is fertility!!!

  4. @ Monalinda: I told you the dinos will be very cute!:)) I'll paint some silver ones too!!

  5. ah, yeah, fertility :))) I've been fertile enough I'd say :P

    where did you buy the dinos from? you could paint two dinos for me sometime. a golden and a silver one. to have a pair. that would be an interesting display in the living room (the new "bibelouri"). I'd pay for it, of course...

  6. No need to pay!!:) I'll try to bring you two at Caransebes for Christmas!

  7. so you're coming for Christmas :)

  8. Oh, I thought I told you!! Couldn't convince Katia not to!

  9. Brilliant girl! She has potential :) I tell you, one day you'll all dance her tune ...


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