Dec 3, 2012

My dream B&W bathroom

Hi, darlings!!
I bet you were craving to find out my plans for the house, again!! Ok, I'm joking, but I will tell you, anyway!! Oh, I would so much like it if I could tell you one day that I sold my flat and in a month's time I would be settled in my home... I'd be on cloud number ..gazillion!!
Back to Earth and to my plans...We have three bathrooms at the house: one on the first floor and two on the second, of which one belongs to me and my hubby only, it's the master bathroom. Master if you aren't looking at the size:)) it's tiny...I'm not sure but I think it's  2/3 might be even smaller..It doesn't matter though, because I have it, it's better than's black and white, my favourite colors!! The tiles on the floor are black and the tiles on the wall are white, except for those in the shower, which are also black.
Something similar to this one, and I'm talking about the layout, not the tiles in particular:

The shower is similar to the one in the photo above, as it is a small bathroom, we decided it was best to have a shower that takes advantage of the space, we built a step on the floor on which we'll lay the glass shower divider, as in the photo.
Here are other photos that inspire me (via Houzz):

I like this bathroom because it mixes those daring walls with the warmth of the vanity. The mirror is gorgeous and I love how its gloss stands out on the matte wall.

Wouldn't you just love to use this bathroom every single day? I'd feel like a queen!!

Flowers in the bathroom? I'm in!!

Nice, classic and cozy

Art on wall- gotta convice hubby, he explodes when I ask him to drill a hole in his precious walls!!:))

I'd use this vanity in my bathroom!

Clean with a pop of red.

Again- art on wall

I looove this baroque vanity- they are too expensive,though! And the mirror is to die for!!

Soft beige, white and gold...queen feeling thrilling me again!!

Next it's Alsa Design:

Those golden legs look gorgeous!

Black top and Swarovski pulls!

Like the vanity, I would spice it up with a gold mirror and brass sconces, though!

What do you feel about a turquoise or hot pink baroque mirror here?

Pure glam!

We haven't purchased any of the furniture yet, but this gives me the opportunity to spy glam bathroom 'thinghies'. I'm dreaming of an intricate gold mirror , gold and silver bathroom accessories and of course, the glass shower divider.
As I wrote on this post designers encourage us to mix the metallics we use. I am going to do a lot of mixing :) in my bathroom, so here are some of the things I'd use (I'm not going to use ALL of them, though :)) .
Images via  Zara Home:
I'd use this candle holder to keep the toothbrushes.

These frames would create my wall art in the bathroom.

Every lady needs a place to store the ring when washing her hands, right?

A mirrored box- a must!

Clear glass box

Romantic, right?

I thing this is a good replacement for that alluminium towel holder we normally use...

Jewlery holder, again!

We should have a candle in the bathroom, it screams noblesse..

Oh, and before I forget: do you remember this:

I don't think I'll ever have this fantastic bathroom, but maybe you're luckier than me!:)
Soooo, I'm thinking antlers in the, white, gold, silver and antlers?! Is it too much, I mean too many styles? Will it be too heavy? What do you think? I colud use a small antler with 2 or 3 frames or small mirrors, right? Maybe you're kind enough to help me with this one..
I wanted to end this post, but another idea popped: I am all about ultra- modern style. And here I've only presented classsical- glamour. Here's some modern bathroom furniture that rocks my world:

In my black and white bathroom this would look great!! I wouldn't have space for that storage unit on the wall, but the L shaped vanity and the mirror is enough. I would custom make two white shelves under the sink that would be longer to the left than the vanity itself, thus providing extra storage. I'd add two rectangular golden woven baskets under the sink. Oh, and the mirror seems too plain, so I'd spice it up with a large gold intricate trim!
What do you think? Crazy?
Which one is your favourite?
xoxo, Ozana


  1. Love the idea of having flowers and a photo frame in the bathroom! Though I'm not so trendy I have mixed metals in mine, too. I can't post pictures but you could drive by.

  2. If you've already mixed your metallics, then you ARE trendy, girl!!:)) Flowers in the bathroom is such an easy idea, and it changes the entire feel of the space!
    I'd love to visit your beautiful house some day!:)

  3. Yo adore todas las imágenes de baños y todos esos espejos bellos.... I love all Photos the bathroom .. Sorry i undestdandt bur i little speak english
    Sorry but i visit happy your blog

  4. Thank you for your comment, Angelica!!

  5. I rather think you're mixing too much. Antlers and metallics and glamour and baroque... Well, antlers are definetely not quite the thing. Imagine placing the antlers on a antlers-themed wall. Like the staircase wall, that would be refreshing as people usually put photos there. Or you could reinterpret the clothes holder (cuier) at the main entrance, as you have in your mother's. But I think that a bathroom is bot the place for antlers. My God, you could even create an antlers ... Lustra (what's the term?) like your mother's dining room. Imagine with your skills and the materials we have access too you'd do miracles... Yeah, I love the antlers-lustra. Include that in some style :)

  6. Im tired of the antler chandelier, I mean the big one I've lived with.. Though with the right bulbs it could look preety amazing :)
    And a small antler in the bathroom wouldn't hurt anyone!! Because it' our bathroom, we'll be the only ones using it!!

  7. Anyway, I'm kind of sure, I'll go modern with the bathroom vanity, gold mirror and some art on a wall.. The shower fixture, faucet and legs in the vanity will be silver together with the radiator, while the mirror and two baskets will be gold. That's the plan, anyway... Oh, and our light will be above the mirror, I'll have to tackle that problem too!! I'm thinking brass, I found the most amazing site...


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