Dec 4, 2012

To-do list

Hello, sweeties!!
Organization is crucial. Especially if you have kids and NO time for anything. I mean, there's time, but you're so tired that you'd rather just rest..I cannot do anything when I want to. I do it when I have the time. Therefore a to-do list seems important, to remember me what needs to be done.
So, here's mine, including only the things I need to create/buy for the house:
- headboard for the girls

- valence for the girls;
-paint the hardware and legs of the desk gold- in the girls' bedroom
- Rast hack as side table;

- stump for side table;
- curtains for the girls' room

- credenza for the hall or for the kitchen (try to arrange transportation from my mother's, painting);
- Annie Sloan paint (difficult to get to Romania..);
- armchairs for the livingroom (try to arrange transportation from my mother's, painting, changing fabric for upholstery);
- coffee table (transportation from my mom's, painting);
- paint two old chairs for the girls' room;
- figure out how to clean this old thing:

- paint my mirror gold;
- paint the dinosaurs gold and silver;
- make the headboard for our bedroom. This is the fabric, if I don't change my mind:

And this is the shape, if I don't change my mind:)

- transform this shelf into a storage bench for the girls' room;

- paint this metallic:

- create some art for the walls (chevron?!!);
That's my to do list for the house!! Do you use lists to help you get organised?! Do share!!


  1. dying to know what you take from your mother's. the armchairs from the dining room? the credenza from the dining room? that one you have the big painting on? what coffee table? how are you gonna upholster the armchairs.

    and here's my to do list for you: head and sideboard for my son's bed (the bed already has head and sideboard, they're made of PAL and they only need foam and fabric). But we'll do it, you just help being the boss and telling me what to buy; and of course I'll kiss my husband 'coz I'm not skilled - as you are- so he's gonna have to do all the work.

  2. and really, I have never seen a metallic deer, that will be a hit.

  3. and I'd have an interesting DIY for you, but you'd need a sewing machine. Have you one? I have the fabric for the Roman Shades and thousands of tutorials. I only lack skills...

  4. yeah, but mind my OCD (obsesive-compulsive) nature and do it sooner :)

  5. I just wrote a to-do list yesterday with house projects and other stuff. I find I'm more inspired to get things done if I write a list, because it feels good to cross done things off the list!

    I know what you mean about not having the time to get stuff done - with the two puppies in the house now, they take up a lot of my time. But I sneak away every now and then to work on a project :-)

  6. I do the same : I make sure the girls are sleeping and I sneak to the balcony to paint the chairs!:))

  7. You are going to be very busy! I have a long list, too! Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely, such pretty things!

  8. I ll do things slowly and take my time with them, as I won t need them untill we move.
    Thanks for dropping by!!


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