Dec 20, 2012

Thursday House@heart Tour

Hello, friends!!
As I promised, this Thursday it's part two of the House@heart house tour!! I am going to show you the layout of the first floor, as the previous time I showed you the entrance. Today it's time to deal with the bathroom and living room.
As you enter the house, there are the starirs straight in front, and as you walk to the left there is the small bathroom. It doesn't have a shower or tub, as it is very small, I can even call it a 'service bathroom'. Fot it we chose grey tiles, and only on one wall we chose three image tiles, someting that makes me relax, some 'zen' stuff, something I think you'd find in a spa:). The vanity and mirror are from an online shop, I chose them because of the straight lines, and I wanted something without legs, as I wanted to have space under it, without the legs to bother me when I clean. The colour of the vanity is a purplish-deep burgundy, it's made of MDF, and it is very glossy. We still have to buy the stool, and right in front as you enter the bathroom will be the washing machine, as we don't lave a laundry room. Here are the photos:

For the interior doors we chose dark doors, yeah, I know, they are a pain, but I love them !!

My zen stones...they give me a spa- fell..

As you stand looking in the mirror on the left there will be the stool, we haven't purchased it yet!! I will buy this one:

Gqs Bathrooms (it's the same place we bought the vanity and mirror from, they deliver so fast!)

Under that small window we'll have the washing machine if it is'n too crowded, because if it is, we'll put it in the kitchen, as we'll choose one that's built-in.

So this is our first-floor bathroom, it's small but it serves its purpose. Under the window if we don't put the washing machine we'll have some storage built-ins, as the only storage in the there is the mirror which hides a  small cupboard with 2 shelves.
Next to the bathroom there is the living room. It's big enough, it's not huge, but it's ok for us. As you enter the living room, right across there are the sliding doors that lead you to the terrace:

So sorry for the dark pictures, it was night and there is no light in the living room yet...

As you look at the picture above, on the left  wall  there is the window, and on the right there is a 2/2 space that I planned to put a glass sliding door in, but I am not so sure yet. It's going to divide the living room and the kitchen, as on the right we've got the kitchen. So I'm thinking I should have doors to keep the smell of food coming in the living room, but I guess a good hood will be enough!! What do you think?
Now, about the furniture layout: on the left of the sliding doors we'll have a sectional, and I'm thinking of choosing a light grey colour. This is the sectional I've eyed so far, but I still have to see it in real life:

Wrong colour in this picture, I'll choose a light grey, and I won't have that otoman-table piece. And, of course, adapted to my space, shorter on the left side.

The coffee table will be the one that my mom's giving me and that I'll paint either white or black, and then I'll throw in this space the two armchairs again from my mom; the armchairs are deep green velvet, and the wood is mahogony but I think I'll paint then white or black again. I won't change the upholstery as the armachairs are in perfect condition. I have no photos to show you, I'll take some at Christmas.
The TV media center will be again a black and white combo and I chose this model:

I like it because if feels so light, airy and symmetrical. It's simple and functional. 
So the colors in my living room are white, black, greys (the sectional and the floors), with a pop of dark deep  velvety green. I may mix the mahogony wood of the armchairs if I choose not to paint them, just because I may feel the need to anchor and soften the feel of the room with some wood. I think it will look great. The curtains may be black and white, I'm loving black trim on white curtains, or, if it's not too much, maybe the same deep velvety green in the armchairs...I'm not sure yet! What do you think?
The light will definitely be some glamorous chandy:

I'll also have a large painting over the sofa, something that I think I'll paint myself... Soooo excited!!!
So, what do you think of my plans?
Do share!!


  1. You asked for your reader's opinion, so, this is me, your humble reader, expressing my thoughts:)) I'd choose to go with the sliding doors instead of the hood.They keep the smell out from the living room, when you do your cooking, and also,when open, they point out the beautiful transaction of the decor.I'm happy that you decided to keep the upholstery,and will be thrilled if you go with the same pattern for the curtains!It will remind both of us, of our childhood home:)

  2. I think you are doing a great job! It is so exciting to be working on your own place, anything you choose is personal and will always be right in your own home.

  3. @Monalinda: I am definitely going to have the hood, and I think there's no way to do without the doors, as they'll help me with the smell and the space. And about the chairs, I'm thinking of not painting the mahogony, but I'll decide when I see how they look in the living room!!
    @Dawna: Thanx for your kindness, and I also think that it's most exciting to decorate your own house, the subjectiveness makes every choice the right choice!:)


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