Dec 19, 2012

One step closer

Hello, darlings!!
It' s high time to show you one of my easiest and nicest Diy!! I'm talking about painting my mirror.
On the entry hall in the apartment we're currently living in I have a mirror. It isn't as large as the one I dream of having at the house, but it is big enough (I think it's 70/50 cm), and it is really heavy, I guess that means solid wood. The frame is thick and it was natural grain, just painted with transparent lacquer. I was ok with that, especially that this mirror was bought for me by my mother when I got married for the wedding ceremony. In Romania, when the bride puts on her veil, she needs a mirror to see how her Godmother is arranging it. So this is that mirror. I've had it for for 8 years now and I like it a lot. This is one thing I am taking with me when we move and I decided it was time to spice it up a bit. What better colour for that than gold?!:)
First, here is a photo of me as a bride (sorry for this, nostalgia hit me!!:))))

Now, back to the deco stuff!! Here is the mirror before, partially sanded:


I sanded manually, as I don't own a sanding tool, and it was a lot of work, at one point, my hand got really numb....but I had to finish what I started so, I kept on sanding. This was the hardest part, after I finished sanding it was smooth sailing all the way! I spray painted it gold, I gave it three layers, I didn't wait a lot between coats, but it was ok. Don't forget to tape the mirror so that you don't get paint on it:

The two pictures above are after the three coats of spray paint. It looked too plain, I haven't found a gold spray paint that looks like brass yet. I didn't like the result so I decided to dab some liquid gold paint with a cloth, thus creating texture and giving the mirror more character. The difference is subtle, but it is way better than with just spray paint. These two pictures are in natural light, on the balcony:

This picture is taken  inside the kitchen:

I planned to stage the mirror and then snap a few photos for you, but my fears came true,  photographing a mirror is extremely hard. If I don't use the flash, you cannot see the gold, and if I use it, it seems to dark. It's a no-win situation, so I can only show you these:

So, there you have it, folks! The mirror looks better in real life, but, these the only photos I was able to take!
What do you think? Like it or hate it?
Also, check out the progress on my 'To do list' here: 


  1. Unde vei pune oglinda?Da, transformarea e subtila, dar, arata mult mai bine acum, si nici nu puteai sa faci modificari prea drastice, pentru ca era frumoasa de la inceput.

  2. Domnisoara/doamna Monalinda aveti cunostinte in domeniu ? Pentru ca sfaturi aveti .
    Va multumesc.

  3. @Monalinda: Deocamdata ramane tot in hol la aprtament, la casa nu stiu inca, o sa i gasesc un loc!! Mi-o inchipui rezemata pe vreo etajera, nu stiu de ce ma atrage lookul asta...

  4. Am un simt artistic iesit din comun!!Cu placere:))

    1. Aveti grija sa nu va iese prea tare ... simtul d-voastra artistic .
      Respecte pentru "artisti" .

      Multumiri .

    2. just don't get the idea of a design/decor blog.Let me illuminate you: read the post,look at the pictures, and finally, express your opinnion on the post, not on the comments:))Respecte pentru frustrati (fara ghilimelele de rigoare)

    3. Dear Monalinda, (if this will be a name probably yes) do not need to illuminate me, my knowledge in the field and not only them far beyond yours, I'm sorry to say this.
      You probably 18-20 years old .. and think that all that glitters is eating.
      I do not want to offend or hurt , telling that you have no idea of art or painting.
      Therefore I advise you to stay calm and get retrained.
      Perhaps the art of collecting orange / banana?

      Thanks for your time.

  5. @Monalinda,i'm talking about real artists like House@heart, who have knowledge and are able to give advice.
    And about you I can not say the same thing.Please refrain yourself.
    Please excuse me if I was too harsh,it`s only my opinion.

    Best regards.

    1. Stop apologising, it's annoying.It's not your falut you still don't get it:)If you want to discuss more on the "subject" , you can give me a call:P

  6. Scuzati indiscretia,sunteti maritata ?
    In cazul in care nu, va pot da un telefon (apel telefonic) , dar si daca sunteti tot pot.
    Deci imi lasati un numar ?


  7. Ok, discutia asta se va termina acum.
    Blogul nu este locul pentru 'personal vendettas'.
    Primul comentariu al Monalindei este normal, fara nici o intentie rea. Nici nu ar putea fi cu intentie rea, caci Monalinda este sora mea.
    Cititorii mei pot sa si exprime ideile liber despre blog, imaginile prezentate de mine sau opiniile mele. Parerile negative despre cititorii blogului nu isi au locul aici. Subiectele tratate aici sunt decorul, interior designing, proiecte Diy si, ei bine, eu. Nu cititorii mei.

  8. Hi Ozana, haha quite a stir you have going on here! You did a great job, once again it is truly amazing how a can of paint can transform a piece and make it new again. Sometimes what I have done in the past to give it a more aged look, was to buy a dark liquid stain and rub it on the gold and wipe off. Yours turned out great and who doesn't like gold!

  9. Hi, Dawna!! I could have lived well without the stir, but, hey, what can I do?!:)
    Your suggestion is great, I'm definitely going to do that. After the holidays I'll buy a darker stain and try it. It should look amazing!!


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