Feb 1, 2013

Friday Perfect Juju

Hi, dearest!!
Today I'm not showing you a perfect decor, but a perfect decor item, plus a confession I have to make: I've got a new obssession: African Juju hats!! It all started when I joined Instagram, and, browsing through photos, I stumbled upon a photo of a gorgeous blogger, Myrna from  For the love of black. She had a photo of a place in her house with one of these amzing feathered things on the wall!! I fell in love with it!! Then I got caught up in blogging, and a few days ago, what do you know, the same Myrna posted about tufted headboards here and saw this fab hat again!! I inquired about it and this let to me finding out that they were African Juju hats!!
Read about their history and use here.
Now, they have been used in interior decorating for almost three years I think, but the fact that I discovered them now, gives me reason enough to be extatic!! I love them!! I love the texture, the colors, I love how they add character to the room and how they became the focal point in the room. You can go with a tone on tone hat, just to add texture or you can choose a bright contrasting colour to liven up the space!! The possibilities are endless!!
The only downsize is the price tag...they range from 250$ to 650$ depending on the size, they can be a 35 cm diameter to 75cm... They are gorgeous, though!!!

Houzz- this might be my fave...

I'm planning a diy on these, just have to arrange the budget, because I want to use real rooster feathers and they are not cheap, and  to decide on a space to put them, therefore the colour to choose!! Can't wait!!
Just so you don't forget: I LOVE JUJU!!! 
What about you?? Do you like them or do you find them a big no-no? Do share!!

P.S: Juju rocks!!:))))


Check out more Juju hats decors on my Houzz account, ozana81.


  1. I'm Juju's no.1 fan!!!:)

  2. Gotta love them, right?! They' re pure fun!!:)

  3. Thanks for mentioning me Ozana! I love my juju so much and love how it can transition into any room as well the texture.
    I would love to see a DIY on how to make one :)

  4. A mi también me gustan mucho . Yo feliz me haría uno para mi casa pero me pasa lo mismo que a ti no se dónde ponerlo. Yo tengo un DIY para hacerme uno barato pero todavía estoy pensando ... Donde!!!

    1. Queres utilisar pluma en tu diy o material de lana?

  5. I just don't get it myself. Sorry no juju for me.

  6. No worry, Dawna, we are all different!! :)


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