Mar 8, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stair risers- diy

Heya, sweeties!
Well, I did it again!! Actually, I did it a couple of weeks ago, just haven't shown you untill now!! I painted the stair risers Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence, and I couldn't be happier!!

I had told you here that I wanted painted stair risers, and I said I'd paint them either gold or light blue. Well, I chose not to wait until I bought gold paint, and, with a can of Provence lying around, I took the plunge!! Hubby was worried it wouldn't look good, but after one or two stair risers he was convinced! And I was in love!!

Is it colourful? Yes!!
Does it seem mediterranean to me? Yes!!
Does it make me happy? Yes!!
Is it a surprise when you enter the house? Hell, yeah!!
And my husband's worst fear: will it match with anything? Well, yeah, darling, I started painting the dresser in the entry hall the same colour, so don't you worry, my love, you're covered!!:))

Here is how they look:

This is the colour closest to real life... is not so green in real life...
you know how hard is to capture nuances..

There's the dishwasher down there...

We'll have storage under the stairs and I'll choose white, to make it continuous to the white on the sides.

My fave shot!!

A very talented lady, Dawna, suggested here I painted the stair risers a cool zebra pattern, so I went to the house all prepared with a diy stencil, actually, I planned to do a free-hand drawing, but after I painted them Provence, well, I was afraid I'd mess it up or make it too heavy, so I didn't do the zebra pattern. It's ok, I'm in love with them as they are today!!

What do you think? Would you do this?? Do share!!


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P.S. Happy 8th of March, ladies!!


  1. Your stairs really look great. It is stunning. So I guess it is better to let it stay that way.

  2. I'm really impressed.. no wonder you're so pleased with it.


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