Mar 8, 2013

Parisian awesomeness- Gilles and Boissier

Here is another great decor I found. Yes, I love black and white and I may tire you out, but that is just me, I love b&w and also, I love colour. The images I'll show you below really touch my design aesthetic! They make me week in my knees, and even though there aren't many items is each room to study, I find myself staring at each photo for almost minutes... The details are amazing, the use of minimalism in a powerfully historical building is really clever.

The use of big art is allowing the eye see the details, it doesn't stop it from noticing the whole.
Also, I love that leaning art...and the gold mirror stands out so powerfully!!

I like the luminosity throught the house...

The colours used are whites, black, dark brown, greys and cream.
It gives me a serene state of mind.

I find the kitchen is truly innovative, don't you?

I particularly appreciate the use of old, vintage and new.
It gives the place personality, and I find it isn't at all cold, as some may think.

The herringbone floors are amazing, of course...
And I like their colour.

No matter how you look at this large hallway, it is still a stunner!!

Minimalism and whites continue in the bedroom.

Amazing details on the ceiling and a fireplace in the bedroom??

Someone said about this decor that it is not much, as it's another semi-industrial black and white interior with great ceiling which had already been there, but I guess the genius here consists is creating a cohesive design which allows you to immediately notice those intricate details on the ceiling, don't you think??

I personally love this interior!! But not everyone shares my taste. So, wanna discuss??:)


Source of photos here.


  1. I love this home. I love mouldings painted white and then a bit of modern thrown in, Perfect!

  2. I love it too!! And we're all waiting to see that gorgeous house you've kept hidden for so long!!:))


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