Mar 2, 2013

Banded curtains and some weekend colour

I painted today, therefore I'm happy!!

 ......didn't clean the apartment yet, and left hubby with the kids while I went to the house to paint, the result of all these being a very untidy house....:(( After I post this I'll have to start cleaning, so it'll be a long evening at our place...

Anyways, let me be happy for a bit longer, and show you what my eldest daughter created:

Fun, right?!! My favourite is the first, I find the differnet patterns so nice!! Good girl!!

Talking about decorating the house, I find banded curtains really awesome!! I'll do this in the living room. Here are some photos that inspire me:

This is my fave...

The darker colour on the bottom, for balance....

Sheer above solid....

Color in the middle....

Hubby is convinced!! It's gonna happen in the living room!! I'm looking for taffeta, first I wanted grey on top and black on bottom, but now I think a peechy-dusty pinkinsh-creamy taffeta on top and grey on the bottom... Something similar to the shades in the last image above, not so pink though, but the grey is fine. And no fucshia trim  or green stripe either!!!:))

Digging this trend??


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  1. Your daughter's artwork is great! I think my favourite is the third one - I love cobalt blue :-)

    The banded curtains are a nice look - I like the graphic look the band adds.

  2. That's the exact reason I like the first creation: I love pinks, purples and greens!!
    Thanks for dropping by, Kelly!!


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