Mar 1, 2013

Friday perfect

Hello, lovelies!!

Here, in Romania, we celebrate the beginning  of spring today, when we also celebrate Women's day!! Women receive a white and red string, like the ones above, and they wear them as a brooch. The string can be accompanied by an actual brooch, whether it's handmade, gold, paper etc. Happy day today!!

It's time for another Friday perfect picture of goodies to last you through the weekend!!
Kitchens are on my mind, since my living room furniture has already been installed, so I'll show you kitchens!!

My kitchen choices, actually my decorating style has sometimes received comments like "too much, black", or " what will this go with??" and "will it match that one??", "won't it be too colourful?" or, on the contrary, "too dark!!", "too muck white!" but that is ok with me, I know we're all different and it's awesome, 'cause a copy-cat world would be too boring, right?! I have a vision and I'm sticking to it, and, as long as I can convince hubby, I'm just fine!!

The pictures that follow may be considered too modern, or too sterile, or lacking in character, but in all I see much style, and they speak to my aesthetic!

Black, my love!!
+ awesome lighting!!

....white+ black countertop+ wood......yes, please!!

...sterile? not for me!!

....this one makes me smile...

...weak in my knees....

...perfect lines...
+light and airy...

..hell, yeah!!

....remember incorporating wood??

...white+ wood=love...

...oh, the white!!...

Have a great weekend, lovers!! May you all have a wonderful spring!!


All images via Houzz, my account ozana81.

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