Mar 20, 2013

Celebrity Style: Hilary Swank

Today is a full day for me, my friends, I have many important things planned, but for you, I have prepared a very inspiring apartment, located in Manhattan. It belongs to Hilary Swank and it is so perfectly designed, I just love it. Mark Zeff is the creator of this space. Take a look:

The sheer curtains let the light enter the room, 
and the greenery infuses  life in the space.

In the opposite corner, the wall is covered with recovered wood from an old barn.
The result is stunning. 
A Jackie Nickerson print and Carlos Vega painting add dimension to the space.

The kitchen continues the earty tones in the living room,
I especially like the chairs, a Calvin Klein Home creation.
The quartz countertop adds elegance to the room 
and the large mirror maximizes the space.

The study kills me with the BM Dark Olive walls, 
those Morocco pillows and the dark grey stool!!
Also, loving the b&w photos!

Great small desk area!!

The bathroom continues with the creamy tones and that b&w print, 
which seem to become a unifying element throughout the apartment!
Travertin, marble and glass make this space elegant.

I love those brass vintage lamps and that big black art on the wall!!
A great place to sleep in and recharge!!

I find this apartment very relaxing and soothing, the perfect place to rest after a hectic day. I find it inspiring, what about you?


Images are from here.


  1. Ozana que lindos espacios y llaman al relajo!!

  2. Amiga, si, estos espacios me asen querer relajarme!!:)


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