Mar 21, 2013

Moroccan inspiration

Moroccan.... what do you think when you read this word? Personally, I think of my friend, Clara from movieschocolatebooks......She's been dreaming of having a Moroccan inspired bedroom, and I love this style, so I started to "study the matter"!!:)) Here is what I found out:

1. The walls need to be painted in warm ,colorful and saturated exotic shades, think of shimmering gold or silver  like the Sahara sands, rich reds and oranges reminiscent of African sunsets. Blue, green or turquoise are also highly used.

2. Lush and luxurious fabrics are used to add texture to the decor. Think pillows, cushions, poufs with intricate design. Drapery is abundent, in strong coloured fabric, tied with heavy cords or silky pom poms.

Tell me you don't just love those poufs!!
They come in all colours!!

3. The furniture is inviting and set low to the ground. It is made of wrought iron, or ornately carved wood in high relief. Rich hued upholstery , intricate mosaic or terra cotta tiles are present throught Moroccan decor. Mother of pearl inlay is a pleasure to look at!!

Tricky diy, but doable!!

Diy anyone??

4. The lighting is a very important element in Moroccan style. Lanters have dimmers and the pendants are made from colored glass or carved metal/wood. They cast the most romantic lacey pattern on the rich coloured walls!! Such a delight!!

5. Persian rugs are the base for colored stacked cushions that create the most perfect soft seating, or, in kitchens or hallways ceramic tile in intricate floral or geometric patterns are to be found.

6.Mirrors enhance the ambiance by  casting the most delicate reflections on the walls and by enhancing the richness of the decor. Use wrought iron mirrors, intricate carved wood ones or jewel embellished mirrors.

7. Plants add colour and bring life to the spaces. They are put in colourful baskets and create an oasis fell inside.

8.Canopy beds are so great, and a sheer curtain hanging above  brings in the mysterious and reminds of the desert bazaar tents.

9. Candles are popular in the Moroccan decor, use rich spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, or saffron.

These are just a few things that can transform your bedroom from neutral into an exotic beauty like this:

Ok, so maybe not as fab as this one, but we can dream, right?!

A Moroccan inspired bedroom can be achieved by not being afraid of colours and adding tradiotional Moroccan pieces and fabrics, or, you can go light with the Moroccan vibe and add just a few touches, a pouf, a lantern or a candle! It's up to you to choose!!

I, personally, love this style!! What about you? Do share!!


All images (except the last) can be found on Houzz and Pinterest.


  1. Ozana me encanta ese estilo morrocan que da tanto colorido, adora esas mesitas ...

  2. Yo yambien adoro los colores!! Y las texturas!!


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