Mar 29, 2013

I've gone shaggy!!

Taking a trip to another town to find some materials we still need for the house, I came across a very fucshia cheerful happy rug!! I bought it for the girls' room, they loved it and I couldn't be happier either!! I know that shaggy is kinda out, but for their room, as they tend to watch TV lying on the ground, I know it's the best choice. And it's pink!! That means I love it too!!:))
Here are some photos of kids' rooms that I found, I haven't found a lot, apparently shaggy in children's rooms are not so popular....

The one I bought resembles this one!!

And here are some nice shaggy rugs in other rooms as well... I kinda love shaggy rugs anywhere...They add dimension and are cheap...and in my vision, they don't look cheap, and in the sixties I wasn't even born, so I'm not bored with them!!:))

I'd do this for the living room: grey on grey...

Isn't this gorgeous??

A shaggy rug in the bedroom adds coziness, right?!

Well, this is my confession: I love a good shaggy rug. Except for the kitchen or the entry hall, I think it goes anywhere!! I thought they were out, but on Houzz I found a lot of them, and they were on the yes! list.. So, what say you? In or out??



  1. I love shaggy. In or out I don't care. Best rugs so far :)

    Love the fuchsia :)

  2. Have you got one?? How's the vacuuming?? Difficult or easy?

  3. I've got one in the living room. Vacuum is quite ok, I'm happy. But I have a turbo power vacuum cleaner, it would vacuum anything... It's all about the cleaner :)


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