Mar 27, 2013

Cozy sheepskin

I'm feeling much better today, I could say that from all the pills I took, but it is more because the flu had its way, though.. I have been sick for almost a week it was about time I felt better!!
I told you yesterday about the  runners I found by accident in a vintage store. They weren't the only treasures I found, I also got these:

My first sheepskin!!

....and this abstract black and white piece of fabric!!

I was lucky that day, right???
I washed the sheepskin, in the picture it is actually wet :))  in real life it's fluffier and a bit whiter. For the house, actually I had planned to buy a cowhide rug, I'm thinking black and white. The sheepskin was not in the cards, but now, after finding this treasure, the girls want their own sheepskin, and hubby sent me to buy some more from the vintage store!! He believes there is an array of sheepskins waiting for me to choose from!!:)) And I was so lucky to find this one!!
Looking at pictures with skins in decor I find myself drawn to grey or black sheppskins, but they are either mongolian or rare...

Even the shaggy looks better near the sheepskin!!

I spy some fox fur there also!! Yes !!

Gorgeous grey skins in boy's room.

Great combo!!

I believe that even the most modern interior can benefit from the warmth of the sheepskin, or any other skin/hide. It brings the organic factor in and offers the space character and dimension. I, personally love them!! What about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!



  1. I love sheepskin Ozana! You definitely cant go wrong with one or two or three! haha...

  2. A mi me encantan las pieles . Encuentro que le dan calidez a cualquier ambiente


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