Apr 1, 2013

50 shades of grey- Colour dilemma

Well, it is a dilemma, yet I know what I want. I have two options. One  should be a grey-black-white-fuschia decor, but I also have that two deep green armchairs that I want to use... Ah, plus the gold that I want incorporated there too!!
The wall unit is this:

Plus the gold leaf + ASCP Graphite coffee table

What worries me is the deep green in the armchairs. 
The upholstery is in great condition, I wouldn't want to change it...
I will paint the armchairs in  Graphite, to match the coffee table...

These are the colours I want:

Grey, gold (I'm planning to buy a gold chandelier...),
 black and white with a pop of pink.

I'm dying to buy a pink rug, this one:

And I still need to reupholster a steel chair in pink velvet... I think it'll be too much, plus the green velvet that adds an extra shade...Plus curtains-what colour??????....
Next post is about the other colour combo I'm considering- grey and turquioise...
I'm confident once I have the sectional I'll see the light at the end of the tunnel, though!!:))
Suggestions, opinions, I'll take them!!



  1. Turqoiuse, I'm just dying to see it all over you room!:)

  2. Ozana como vas ha poner sillones verdes y alfombra rosa , las cortinas las haría de un color neutro como gris quizás ya que yo le tengo miedo a tanto color
    muchos cariños

  3. Claro, Angelica, si voy a comprar la alfombra rosa, voy a poner cortinas gris, y si compro una alfombra gris, voy a comprar unas cortinas con una combination rosa con gris. Yo tambien no quiero utilisar tanto color!!:))
    Kisses, Angelica!!

  4. I think you need to get everything you already have in the room, and then decide where to go from there. There is nothing worse then thinking it will all look great and then it bombs big time. The other side of that is you could have an epiphany once you get it in the room and set up.


  5. So true, Dawna!! It is exactly what I plan to do! These posts are just ideas I have. Having the sofa in the room will allow me to see where to go from there!


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