Apr 2, 2013

50 shades of grey ... and some turquoise!!

Ok, so I was telling you about my colour dilemma in the living room, I will be choosing between grey+pink and grey+turquoise. I plan to incorporate this colour through curtains and some accent pillows. It will look great with the gold trim coffee table and my soon-to-buy gold chandelier, right?? It's time to show you some turquoise action:

Like the colour of the rug here, it would let my turquoise curtains be the star!!

Love the shade of the turquoise in the chairs here...

My walls are white, but great look!!

Turquoise+black&white= love 

Loving this greige....

I could throw some purple in the mix...

Aaah, perfection!!

So, which colour combo do you favour? This one or the one in the prevoius post? Do help!!



  1. I made up my mind: I want you to assist me in turning my bedroom into a purple and turquoise one, Cause I've just fallen in love with the picture.

  2. I know, it' s just delicious, right?!

  3. I'd go for pantone for the window treatments and somehow in the rug (but not entirely pantone). It's so royal and it integrates your armchairs perfectly.
    Plus, it never gets old. And fuchsia throws if you really insist.

  4. By pantone you mean emerald green? Well, for that I had eyed a particular fabric, which I ended up not choosing, because of the texture. Another option is my mom s exact curtains from her living room, but they are super pricey and the texture is, again, not matching the furniture...
    You have a picture in mind when you say fuchsia throw, I know that image!:)
    Loving the green, though, got caught up in turquoise and pink, kinda forgot about it! Thanx for reminding it!!

  5. Yes, emerald green. Definitely perfect. Your moms green is also cool, but a little bit too much. It might just be too heavy...
    I think you can never go wrong with emerald green, though. You could also be a little bit more patient and more thorough in your searches. I'm sure you'll find just the right color if you are not very hasty. Of course, when I say right color I say emerald green :D

  6. Love the pops of blue! And I love watching Mad Men for the set design and how things were styled back then, so fun!

    Ali of


  7. Great to have you, Ali!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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