Apr 10, 2013

Ikea Mega Crush!!!

Good morning fellas!!
After three trips to Ikea, I finally feel at home in the store!! Yet, with so many things we need for the house, it's hard to stay focused and buy what you need!! Made the wrong decision and began not listening to my gut when it was the right thing to do...listen to my gut, that is! So I left the store WITHOUT some precious items I can't seem to take off my mind. Dangerously obssessed, now!!! I want all of these and I want them right now!!!

I would use two of the pillows on my two armchairs in the living room, the ones I still have to paint, and I am hoping that by using these black and white pillows the dark green velvet would blend better with my black and white+grey theme....maybe I won't have to reupholster them... The blanket would be used also in the living room, on my soon-to-come grey  sectional.

Also, I am loving the Stockholm rug for my bedroom, I think it would look great with its black and white stripes, but I fear it may be too thin and that we'd stumble in it. Any input?? Do you have this rug?? If only it would be a tad thicker...

I also love the thickness and fluffiness of this blanket, would love to buy it as well:

What are your cravings these days??



  1. So: mind you, no matter how thin a rug is, există bandă de lipit dublu-adezivă, ca un fel de scotch, dar din hârtie, specială pentru covoare (se găseşte la Baumax şi Hornbach, probabil şi la Dedeman) care ţine covorul fix. Noi am lipit în living, de jur-împrejurul covorului şi nu mai alunecă, nu se suceşte, nu nimic. N-am încercat să dezlipesc să văd care-ar fi damages asupra parchetului, dar nu e o bandă foarte lipicoasă din aia să lase urme. Deci dacă-ţi doreşti covorul cumpără-l şi gata.

    Îmi place foarte mult ultima pătură. Cât costă? I'm in perfect and desperate need of a blanket in the living room and if you go to Ikea again I may wish for you to buy one for me as well.

  2. :))))) Lovely combination of languages!! Thanx for the tip on that adhesive pad!! Good to know... I'm torn between two rugs....
    The last blanket is gorgeous, so fluffy and thick, it is 100 lei. Check the link under the photo...

  3. well, it was to much of a strain to explain it all in English :) I'll think about the blanket...

  4. Me encanta ese foto de la segunda almohada en figuras geométricas y esa hermosa colcha de la última foto
    Muchos catiños

  5. You need to go back to Ikea and buy all the things you can't stop thinking about! Then you can see how they look & work in your home, and return the items that don't work out as well as you'd hoped. We have a store here called HomeSense that carries a lot of one-off items. If you don't buy something when you see it, it'll likely be gone when you go back to get it. So I've become an expert at buying & trying and then returning if something doesn't work out :-)

    That's a popular rug, I've seen it used in quite a few rooms :-) A pad under the rug would give it more thickness.

    Not really anything in particular that I'm crazing at the moment. I'm going to buy some orange & pink hand towels to go with the new flamingo shower curtain :-)

  6. I may just be able to take your advice, Kelly, as it is possible that this weekend we're going to take another trip to the capital, Bucharest. That's where Ikea is!! Yeyyy!!!


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