Apr 9, 2013

Keep it simple...

It's the end of a loooong day for me, the day I turned 32.. Moving into a new house is exhausting, and we haven't even left the apartment.. We still have almost a week till moving day.... So for now I have only a few quick updates on the house.

....red roses from my lovely hubby...

....lighting in girls' bedroom...

....the colour of my future sectional in the living room- the second grey.....

I have to mention that I am disappointed with the furniture company delivering the sectional, they originally promissed we'd have it by 15th of April, now they are telling me we're lucky to be receiving it on the 22nd....I understand it's coming from Poland, but they should keep their word, right?!

On a happier note, today when I arrived at the house with the girls, guess who was waiting for us there?? You'd never guess!! A baby squirrel!! It was running around at the front door, sniffing some muddy boots!! It was so funny, me and the girls stayed in the car for a while watching it, but when we got down and opened the gate, it ran away.. no pictures... It makes me happy to think that we are moving to a place where squirrels fell free to run around sniffing boots!!:)

That's it, friends, my b-day!! How was your day?? Do share!!



  1. Aaah 32 I remember those days! Hope it was a good one. Can't wait to see the house all moved in.


  2. In a week's time we should be moved!!


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