Apr 23, 2013

Kitchen reveal

I'm live!! My internet connection in the new house is finally done!! As promised yesterday, I am going to show you my house. I will  start with the kitchen. The furniture I chose is modern, glossy, black and white. It was made by Tia Colors and I love it!! The cabinets are made from MDF and glass. I like glass because it cleans really quickly and it reflects light. Here is my new kitchen:

I'm all about mixing old and new, so in my modern kitchen I chose to display my mom's ruby set 
and a vintage tea set. Like?? By the way, this is one of my favourite spots, the bar.... 

Yes, I was actually cooking!!:) Here you can see the sparkle in the countertop!!:)

Art in the kitchen, remember?? 
I have  one more painting in mind for that ledge.... keep you posted!!

The table and chairs are from the old apartment, the legs of the table got painted black,
 as they were dark brown, like the chairs. They will be reupholstered in the future.

Loving the brightness in the kitchen...

We still have to buy the light pendant for the middle of the kitchen, the two bar stools, we have a ledge to hang and I dream of a unit on the right wall but this is my kitchen so far and I couldn't be happier with it!!



  1. Congrats, Ozana! May you enjoy a lifetime of happiness in your new house!

  2. Thanx, Clara!! After all is set, I'll have you over for ... drinks...(insert cough here) tea!!:))

  3. Its very nice Ozana! I esp love the shelf with your moms ruby set on it, i love the look of vintage with modern :)

    1. I have always thought that a bit of vintage softens a more edgy/modern look!!

  4. Ozana es maravillosa tu cocina, la combinación blanco con negro es genial.. me encanta

    1. Angelica, descubri que yo tambien amo esa combinacion, toda mi casa tiene un pico de blanco y nero!!:)

  5. I love it Ozana. Can't believe how beautiful it turned out, congrats on a job well done.


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