Apr 25, 2013

Master bedroom reveal

 !!! UPDATE on this room HERE: MASTER BEDROOM !!!

Hi, you guys!!
Moving into a new house, the house you've dreamed of finishing for about 6 years now, can be exhausting, but it is really rewarding and it really makes me happy... Having my own master bedroom, not one I have to share with my little one, is...well...something else. I am still struggling with middle-of-the-night cries for mommy, but in theory the girls share a room, and me and hubby share our master bedroom. This:

It is still a work in progress, but as it looks is good enough for me...for now :))

I decided it was time for some animal action in the master (take your minds out of the gutter!!:)), 
so I chose zebra print for the sheets!!:))
Remember the pillows?? Told you I'd use them for the master too!!

The Ikea Malm dresser will have a makeover soon...
(insert snake brass pulls here!!)
...and, please, ignore Jerry !!:))

...asked my semstress to make me this Greek key duvet...I love it!!

...bought the rug I wanted...

.....remember my diamond tufted headboard??

The room is basic, I still need to hang the antlers, some art, to make it feel finished!

Love the thickness of the sheepskin!!

...needing lamps...

Loving my stripes!!

On the right is the small dressing, with a mirror sliding door, made by Tia Colors.
In that empty space between the dressing doors and the Malm dresser
I want a desk/make-up vanity.
And a plant!!

Love having a mirrored sliding door!!
I plan to style up the look here!! Greek key, anyone??!!

..stripes and more stripes...

Remember my Ikea Rast hack?? Still loving the details on this...

We will hang this mirror I finally painted black after painting it gold here and Provence here....
Black really speaks to me!!

See the light reflected in the mirror?? Love it!!

I declare myself utterly in love with my Ninfa light in the master!!

Mirror look...

Well, this is the master bedroom, it is not finished, these are only the basics, but I am in no rush, I will find those elements that will make it my personal place... I am in love with it even now...

So, yey or nay?? Do share!!



  1. Great job love of course all the black and white. And those drapes......GORG!

    1. Thanx, Dawna!! Loving this colour combo also!!

  2. Ozana he quedado enamorada e impresionada de tu nueva cae. ese deormitorio en blanco y negro esta maravillos. me enamore de su lampara y de tu cómoda

    1. Ay, Angelica, muchas gracias por este comentario tan lindo!!


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