May 16, 2013

Gold chandelier crush

Hello, friends!!
I am waiting, and waiting, excited for new items to come in my home, and one of them is my dream gold chandelier for the living room!! Dreaming of it, I searched for beautiful images of great spaces adorned with such beauties!!
I believe that a gold light fixture adds warmth to any room, it creates an intimate vibe and softens any edginess (?!) that might be too in your face. And if it is a chandelier, even better!! Such a piece usually has curves and crystals or stones, so for me it adds a bit of feminine in any space. The one I'm expecting to be delivered is just like that: curvy, gold, full of Venetian crystals!! I can hardly wait for it to come and be installed!!! Until then, feast your eyes on these:

I know it looks like a museum, but I adore it!!

Again, simply stunning!!

This is similar to the one I'm waiting for!!

Girly perfect!!


I think grey is the perfect backdrop for gold!!

Stunning, both chandy and art!!

A more modern and straight approach!!

Do you like gold chandeliers? Or chandeliers at all?? Do share!!


All images are from Houzz.


  1. Me encantan las lamparas de lagrima le dan elegancia y glamour a cualquier estancia

  2. Yeah for the new chandelier. I love gold, too. I can't wait to see it hung up.

    1. ME TOO!!! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  3. Cant wait to see this in your home Ozana!

  4. A touch of gold is class. Too much can be like a museum though. But yes, it does give a room lot of appeal.

    1. You, know,Shalini, I just hung mine up in the living room and it totally transforms the room!!


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