May 20, 2013

Console beauty

Happy Monday, guys!!
A while back I was writing about some things I planned to do for the house, and, among my own diy plans, I  asked hubby to make some kind of a metal desk/console with a Greek key pattern, I think it was in November last year (talk about procastinating!!:))... Well, he finally brought it home, and I couldn't be happier!! All we need now is the top, I'm looking for some really thick wood... I'll try to find it myself, cause I'm not ready to wait another few months!!:)))
Aaaanyways, here are some beautiful consoles I like, both because of the styling and because of the design of the consoles!!

Can you see that small detail on the inside corner of the console? Love hidden surprises!!

This is such a sculptural majestic beauty!!

Metal-looking console and mega like on the styling with pillows!!

This is actually a desk, but I love it all!!

Minimal and modern- yes, please!!

Also I love the metal and old wood combo, too!!

This was the drawing I did for hubby, showing one leg on the console!! It turned out great!! Can't wait to get it finished!!

Do you have a console in your house? How do you style it?? I think that a lamp or two, a mirror or piece of art, a vase/pot with flowers usually do the trick!! Books, shells, branches or stone add texture to the mix, too!!
Which is your fave console here? Do share!!


All images are from this Pinterest board.


  1. Gorgeous consoles! I usually like to dress it up with lamps and apothecary jars and flowers. With a stack of tall and short art frames. :)

    1. Fresh flowers are always a hit, and I also love apothecary jars!! Great to have you on the blog!!

  2. Ozana. , lindas esas imágenes de consolas , especialmente la promera yesa blanca del caballete

  3. Ay, Angelica, estoy yo sonando con estas hermosuras!!:)


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